The Transformative Power of Web3 on Work

As the digital world changes, so too does the workplace. Web3 technologies like blockchain and decentralized applications are seeing explosive growth. More people are finding ways to bring these innovations into their working lives. Be it the types of roles in demand or the growth of independent work, Web3 and the future of work are now synonymous. 

Technology skills open doors in the workplace. By 2025, more than 12 million tech jobs will be created. Already, roles like stack developer, technologist, and data scientist are searching desperately for people. At the top 3 platforms, demand for Web3 developers tripled in 2021. All of these jobs pay handsomely for individuals with the right qualifications.

Beyond the type of work people are doing, digital tools are also helping people restructure their workplace. By 2028, 90 million people could be self-employed. That means they would set their own duties and schedules when providing their skills and services to clients. This will be a dramatic change from today, in which most people work on behalf of another individual or company. This will change people’s relationship with their job and their benefits (health, retirement, etc.). More people will need independent employment benefits to cover them.

Web 3, Sovereignty, and the Future of Work

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