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You could say that Texans don’t take kindly to the federal government going after concerned parents who are just trying to defend the mental health and education of their children, but in truth, 20 other states feel the same. Texas is just the latest to make it clear that radical leftist educators don’t speak for them.

Fox News reported that on Monday the Texas School Board Association broke with the National School Boards Association at a special board meeting.

The decision was made on Friday by the group’s board of directors following the release of an independent investigation in which they “found operational deficiencies and lack of internal controls and processes within NSBA,” according to the TSBA’s news release.

The TSBA said the NSBA’s independent investigation Disclosure new details about the development of the Sept. 29, 2021 letter which compared parents to domestic terrorists for protesting at school board meetings.

Fox News reported that one of the reasons behind the TSBA’s departure was that the NSBA didn’t seem to have any accountability. An internal investigation of the NSBA found that the letter that requested the DOJ investigate these “domestic terrorist” parents wasn’t reviewed or approved by anyone in the NSBA or its member boards, and the blame was solely placed on interim CEO and executive director Chip Slaven.

It’s unclear how believable this claim by the investigation is given the fact that it was discovered that there were previous drafts of the letter to the White House, one of which went so far as to request Biden to send military police and the national guard to school board meetings in order to be used against parents. This letter must have been reviewed by multiple people at one point.

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Despite it not making it to the final draft of the document, it is enough evidence that someone in the NSBA thought that it was a feasible option.

Fox News reports that the investigation into the TSBA revealed the need for separation from the NSBA.

TSBA Executive Director Dan Troxell said, “We have been intently waiting for the release of this independent investigation for nearly two months. With this report now available, it’s clear that NSBA’s internal processes and controls do not meet the good governance practices that TSBA expects and requires in a member organization.”

While Texas is the 20th state to withdraw completely from the NSBA, it’s one of 29 that distanced itself from the infamous letter reports Fox News:

Based on Parent’s Education Defense, 29 states have distanced themselves from the NSBA’s letter. The states are Alabama, Arizona Arkansas Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Mississippi Missouri Missouri Montana New Hampshire New Jersey North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Loudoun County (Virginia) was the first to be hit by the backlash against school boards across the nation. It became the center of it all when the school board tried to instill radical leftism upon the children attending its schools, while concealing the fact that a student from a different gender had raped a girl. After he demanded explanations, the father that showed up at the school board meeting to discuss it was detained.

It was this moment that sparked an outcry and parents began to look into their local public schools. Many found the findings shocking and parents took action. The radical leftists that controlled these school boards attempted to silence parents, including the NSBA’s attempt at using the DOJ to investigate (intimidate) parents into silence.

Parents were furious and school board members began to be taken to court. Soon, they were also being replaced or voted out by their parents. The exact opposite happened in Texas at the beginning of May. This has proven that parents can mobilize to resist the Leftism in schools and become the strongest force for politics.

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