‘The Simpsons Did It First!’— Tom Hanks Biden Commercial Mocked

The Biden Administration Anniversary Video with Tom Hanks narration was immediately mocked. Why? Because the Simpsons did it first! Really. Tom Hanks, in a creepy recreation of “The Simpsons Movie”, once again served as a Liberal government shill. But this time it was real. 

Even nonpolitical sites such as GameSpot took notice of this immediately after the official video was released by the Biden Inaugural Committee on Thursday, “The Simpsons Predicts The Future Again With New Tom Hanks Promo.”

Tom Hanks, actor, narrates the new video of President Biden’s Presidential Inaugural Commission marking his first anniversary. This is yet another example where The Simpsons have correctly predicted what would happen in the future.

The video promotes a resilient and recovering America. Hanks, who was part of Biden’s inaugural activities, is seen in a similar role to that he played last year in The Simpsons Movie. The Environmental Protection Agency seals Springfield under a huge dome. Hanks plays himself in an advertisement for the new Grand Canyon. He says, “The US government is losing its credibility so it’s borrowing some from mine.”

Ted Cruz noticed the Simpsons connection through a tweet.



Erick Erickson, who used the Hanks advertisement from “The Simpsons Movie”, to promote the Biden administration self-celebration segment…also narrated and filmed by Tom Hanks.



Oddly, however, the Biden anniversary video for the Biden administration is quite funny because it contains a lot of ridiculously empty platitudes. It skips some of the more embarrassing truths (soaring inflation and loss of control at the border, Afghanistan withdrawal, COVID testing kit chaos, supply chain failures or legislative failures), but is full of hilariously empty platitudes.



Hanks not only projected a Pollyanna alternative reality but also offered up absurd platitudes like this:

Every day we take another step towards possibility, wealth, opportunity and possibility.

Which exit question: What video is most popular? The parody version featuring the cartoon Tom Hanks narrator or the Biden administration Tom Hanks shill video? At the time of writing, the parody has received more than 100 likes than dislikes. This is in contrast to the official video which features the dislikes.

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