The Racist Myth of Binary Sex Wasn’t Invented ‘Til Nearly 1800 – Opinion

Historically, you’re in the minority: You’re part of Earth’s post-1700s people, otherwise known as those who’ve believed there are only two sexes.

Scientific American has declared this scientific fact.

Popular science magazine Science Magazine has published The Question of Sexuality,A documentary nuking disproves the idea that sex can be binary. As it turns out, the invention came by way of the West — and not ’til the 18th century’s end.

Thanks to Scientific AmericanYou can benefit from bees, birds and other insects:

While gendered structures are ancient, a binary framework of binary sex didn’t exist in Western culture ’til the late 18th century.

Previous to then, sexism said females didn’t exist:

Before, science recognized only one sex — the male — and considered the female body an inferior version of it.

We’re living in interesting times. American ignorance is rooted in ignorance. These days, it’s prompted by the presence of things not true.

Per Scientific American, pre-1700s Westerners couldn’t have owned Bibles — both Testaments observe the binary state of sex.

And evidently, humanity reached the 18th century supernaturally; without recognition of the male/female paradigm, the species’ survival would’ve naturally been out of luck.

As for the female body being an inferior version of the male one: If that were the view, once again, the species would’ve died off.

Still, maybe we’ve been bamboozled and the Bible was penned post-Declaration of Independence. Perhaps the racist founders faked the document and passed it on. You can hear it here Scientific AmericanIt’s true, the idea of a two-way system was born out of prejudice.

The shift that historians call the “two-sex model” served mainly to reinforce gender and racial divisions by tying social status to the body.

Why are America’s institutions preaching a gospel never before heard, as if it’s always been preached ’til mere moments ago? No matter what the answer is, unconventional evangelism has won the day.

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On social media, Scientific American heralds the “intersex” birth anomaly. Further, binary sex is a farce with such a rare event.

“Intersex” is an umbrella term for variations that may appear in a person’s chromosomes, genitals or internal organs. More than 30 medical terms are used to describe combinations of sexual traits outside of the normal male-female path of development. … SexKatrina Karkazis (medical anthropologist) says complexity is constant in human life. “It’s not just complex in the context of intersex … Our bodies are far more variable than our categories. Part of what’s happened is people become slotted into this binary framework.

So goes humanity’s slotting — but only for Westerners over the past few hundred years.

The people who came before us had more knowledge; some of us are able to enjoy the scientific sun.



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