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Dave Chappelle may be our greatest comedian today. A lot of it comes down to his work. He makes jokes, and moreover, makes them about everyone, including groups mainstream culture claims you can’t make fun of. This is bound to cause a lot of pain for people who have lost the ability to laugh, particularly at themselves.

These people have been attempting to make Chappelle’s life more difficult ever since. They’ve attacked him both in name and in body, but neither seems to stop the comedian from doing what he does. They would attack his fans, which was only natural.

As Mia Cathell of Townhall reported on Wednesday, Chappelle’s show last Friday saw some arrests happen after leftist activists harassed and assaulted Chappelle’s showgoers. Cathell dug up some arrest reports and, needless to say, you won’t be surprised at just who these people are.

Cathell stated that the arrested were overweight, with bright-colored hair and white. One of the people arrested was black, but unsurprisingly, her social media footprint wasn’t as loud about her support of leftist causes as her white comrades:

One of the show-goers waiting in line was hit by an egg thrown by a screaming individual, The Star Tribune reported. According to The Daily Mail, an on-stage Chappelle mocked the outraged mob, belting a one-line zinger to his fans: “I’d respect them more if there was at least one black person!” Ironically, it appears a black police officer handcuffed at least two white anti-Chappelle protestors, who’ve also frequented Black Lives Matter demonstrations and often championed anti-racist causes. There was only one black demonstrator who was detained July 22nd, but she’s been much less vocal than her white hate-tweeting colleagues about her BLM activism via social media.

Rachel Lee Bean was also among the arrested. She describes herself as a “white, fat, disabled queer” living on “stolen Dahkota land” and has been incapacitated by “long covid.” Her struggle with the sickness is only made worse by having to live under a capitalist system, according to a medium post she wrote in 2021. She was unable to fit into her work pants because of the capitalist system.

This is just the beginning. Cathell dig some digging into Bean’s personal blog and found that she’s an advocate for obesity and rails against a system that doesn’t consider morbid obesity a disability. Hilariously, she attributes the shortage of food to the gluttonous hunger in the upper and mid-class.

On her personal blog, Bean divulged that she was denied disability benefits because her former employer cited her diagnosis of “morbid obesity” as an invalid reason. There she also discussed “fatphobia,” how the medical establishment will “always weaponize your fatness against you,” and “the insidious nature of diet culture.” Nevertheless, the overweight and unemployed blogger complained about food shortages, blaming “the overfed mouths of the middle and upper classes,” remarking: “Perhaps there would be enough for everyone.” Bean’s journal-style website also raved about “disability justice” as well as how “ableism fortifies and is fortified by white supremacy, settler colonialism, capitalism, heteropatriarchy, and other systems of oppression.”

She currently has a “hardship fund” for online donations since her “disabilities” has stopped her from having a job since September, and recently had an anniversary fundraiser to commemorate her “long Covid condition.”

Cathell lists how Bean’s activism goes beyond harassing Chappelle fans, including traveling to BLM riots and organizing hostile takeovers of hotels.

Then there’s Natalina Rizzo Slaughter, another white woman, and BLM activist. Cathell says that Slaughter considers herself super hardcore.

Dubbed the “Anqueefa Swamp Queen,” she has posted “goth fashion shoots” on TikTok, posing with an axe or a knife stained with fake blood. One of her videos is accompanied with lyrics from the song “Disciples” by Captain Murphy, whose mixtape includes archived cult footage featuring Heaven’s Gate co-founder Marshall Applewhite, who organized the religious group’s mass suicide. “Don’t you want to become a cult leader? There has always been an open vacancy since the demise of God. You can fill that void,” is sung over Slaughter’s clip. Slaughter has dressed up as Death the Reaper “coming for Bob KKKroll,” a former member of the Minneapolis Police who served as president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. Calls for Kroll’s resignation mounted when he labeled the relentless BLM riots “this terrorist movement” in a leaked email to the police union.

Then there’s white woman number three, Sheridan Ann Lair who confessed “I feel like I have to go to jail or I’ll be a disappointment” and laughedChappelle was assaulted while onstage

Other arrests include “gender diverse” Michael Robert Maidman and Rosemary Julia Coburn who riots and then runs away from law enforcement.

They are leftist idiots with a loose grasp of reality. It’s no wonder Chappelle remains on top and continues to be uncancellable. They are not capable of identifying the gender of their victims and they think going to jail is a good idea.

These are the exact people you’d expect trying to shut down a comedy show, and it just goes to show that sometimes stereotypes are real.

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