The Numbers Are in for the New Jill Biden Biography, and It’s Embarrassing – Opinion

Jill Biden insists on being called “Dr.” As we previously reported, Joe Biden said that she went back to school later in life to get her doctoral degree, not because she wanted to provide some greater scholarship — which her Ed.D position paper certainly didn’t provide — but because she wanted the title.

Joe Biden explained that it was all about status. “She said, ‘I was so sick of the mail coming to Sen. and Mrs. Biden. I wanted to get mail addressed to Dr. and Sen. Biden.’ That’s the real reason she got her doctorate.”

This explains so many things, such as this Edith Wilson moment at Air Force One last summer.

In case it wasn’t clear, that’s the presidential desk on the plane that she’s sitting in “prepping for the G7.” What was she prepping for? It’s like she wanted to play a role, and undercut Joe in the process, but didn’t seem concerned about that.

Perhaps it also explains why — instead of Joe Biden being retired and visiting with his grandchildren — he’s at the White House when he has such issues, and the position is so beyond his abilities at this point. It was the desire to be a power and status holder that trumped concern for what was best for America.

So it’s ironic that–after all that–Joe Biden seems to have blown up any good feelings that people may have had about him before he took office. He has low ratings and may have just beaten Jimmy Carter in terms of worst performance.

What about the status Jill Biden so desperately wants?

Well, we have a new indicator of how interested — or not — Americans are in Jill Biden. It seems that, despite Democrats trying to sell her as the congenial “Dr.”, Americans aren’t interested.

A new biography about Jill Biden has been published by two AP journalists. It is $26. This shows that either nobody wants to pay it or they don’t want to read anything about Jill. Politico reports that only 250 copies were sold the first week. That’s abysmal, and it says something about Jill Biden.

The Politico article reports that journalists find it “boring and difficult” to cover the Biden Administration–and apparently, that applies to Jill as well. But maybe if they did their job and reported honestly about her, it wouldn’t be “boring.” But they’re not willing to delve or be critical.

However, Trump books are more popular.

NPD BookScan, which tracks book sales in the U.S., said that prominent books about Trump released in his first two years of office outsold Biden books during his first year and a half by, what an official there said was, “essentially 10:1.”

Bottom line — people are interested in Trump, who’s still living rent-free in the minds of Democrats, as well. Biden is the man they want us to believe is so popular. People just can’t give a darn. Jill isn’t going to like this at all.

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