The Memes Flow and #LeSnitch Trends After Lebron James Loses It on Fans During a Game – Opinion

Last night, Lebron James was effected. The viral video shows Lebron James running to courtside fans and trying to get them expelled. The game was in Indiana, though, the arena officials quickly followed the dictates of “King James.”

Some immediately speculated that some kind of racial insult had been hurled, but there’s no evidence of that, and if that had happened, we’d know about it by now. Instead, Lebron seems to have taken offense at some profanities being said. He was faced with Spike Lee during the 1990s.

Make sure you watch it all.

Now, full disclosure, there is a single claim from a random, low-follower Twitter account (whose avatar is him smoking weed) that claims that the woman said she hopes Lebron’s son gets into a car accident. Many sports news websites are using this to prove Lebron’s innocence. This would have crossed the line, and it would have justified the expulsion of fans. Yet, color me extremely skeptical because not even Lebron made that claim after the game, and given this is the same guy who has never shied away from making detailed claims, I find it hard to believe he suddenly wouldn’t here.

The memes started to circulate and #LeSnitch was trending on Twitter.

The biggest criticism of Lebron was from those who pointed out China’s total subservience. He can get really upset at some fans heckling him, but he’s got nothing to say about the communists committing genocide while Lebron and the NBA rake in Chinese cash. I think it’s a fair critique. If you can’t be bothered to speak up and take action over something so consequential, you shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously when you cry about fans being mean.

Here’s the thing. It’s just a bad look for a player to get involved with fans like this, no matter what was said. I leave open the possibility that they said something so awful that they needed to be booted, though, I’d put a lot of money on that being reputably reported by now if it happened (or at least claimed by Lebron himself during his presser). Fans heckling NBA players is not a new phenomenon. This makes Lebron look like he’s got all the fire and passion in the world when it comes to being slighted or commenting on the Kyle Rittenhouse case, but that he can’t muster a fraction of that energy to speak out in defense of truly marginalized groups in China.

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