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If you’ve been paying attention to politics for the last month, then you’ve no doubt heard of the “let’s go Brandon” meme that’s been making the rounds. The background involves a NASCAR event and a reporter who either can’t hear or was trying to smooth things over for the cameras as the crowd behind her chanted a certain obscene phrase about Joe Biden.

RedState reportedThe viral sensation was at that time.

And thus, “let’s go Brandon” was born as a more kid-friendly way to express one’s displeasure with the president and his mix of incompetence and malice that has led to so many crushing failures for the nation over the last year. There’s even an iTunes song because the absurdity of our current political moment is what it is.

Evidently though, they made some phone calls because the Canadian government promised retribution against anyone who uses the phrase. This includes correspondence between private and public parties as well. They will monitor for violators.

Just when you thought public-sector unions were all-powerful institutions, we’ve finally found the one thing that can override even them: making fun of Joe Biden.

According to the memo, vetting of personal correspondence will take place to ensure no one is sharing choice memes that might hurt the US president’s feelings. And while they try to make it seem as if this is a general rule, the explicit mention of “let’s go Brandon” makes it clear this memo doesn’t go out if there wasn’t already an issue with employees using the phrase.

So did one of Biden’s representatives push for this? We’ll never know, but even if this is just Canada acting on their own, this kind of thing always backfires. To the extent that people in the Canadian government were attaching “let’s go Brandon” memes in emails and such, no one was aware of it except those employees. The ban went viral now and draws attention to the fact that many people mock Biden.

Lastly, there’s something pathetic about the president needing to be shielded this way, directly or indirectly. It’s typically better to lean into a joke than to have people start banning stuff to protect you. Biden is often seen as weak and incompetent, so we’ll add that to the list.

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