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“Parenting is tyranny” is becoming the new battle cry of the left.

Is that not absurd? It’s absurd! New York MagazineThis proudly beats that drum.

Responding to news of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education legislation, better known as the “don’t say gay” bills, Sarah Jones writes in a piece entitled, “Household Tyrants,” that parents concerns over curriculum and teachers unions’ overreach during the COVID pandemic is indicative of a hard right turn by the GOP and an embrace of a tyrranical philosophy that conservatives hope to apply to governing.

To the GOP, the parent exists to enforce the party’s will, as though the parent is simply the local arm of a national entity. Failure to comply with the rules could result in parents being restricted by the state. This is because authoritarianism can be inconsistent. Rights granted to followers are not available to those who disagree. The punishment for the former is death, which extends to their kids. Because it has become increasingly anti-democratic, the GOP is now known as the party that protects parental rights. It has become the party of ruthless, cynical power, and children aren’t exempt from its schemes. In fact, they’re key.

The implicit suggestion here, of course, is that the kids need to be saved from their parents’ “schemes.” Jones intimates as much on Twitter in an exchange with Jeet Heer, in which she repeats her assertion that the tyranny of parenting is “in conflict with the rights of the child.”

Heer takes the game to the finish, just as he does.

Heer states, Politics can no longer be viewed as a downstream function of culture. It is culture. Jones and Heer appear to believe that teaching children the right way to view culture is the best way to save democracy.

Because conservatives are anti-democratic, they want to raise your children and shelter them.

And if there’s still any doubt, just read this piece from National Review detailing how a delegate to the California Teachers’ Union state council and a teacher in Sacramento City Unified School District openly mocked parents in a Facebook post for the crime of wanting to know what their children are being taught in school.

Addressing parents who advocate for their kids at school board meetings as “storm troopers,” [Owen] Jackman jibed that “I have a reason to be concerned about the appropriateness of what your child is learning outside of school.”

To his chagrin, he asked for parents’ play-by-play lists of what television programs their children watched, their social media use, swear words, and racist epithets they hear every day. He also requested that they list the books they are reading to their children and any activities they plan on participating in over the course of the rest of the year.

The teacher also asked for a “thorough description of how the relationships among the adults in your child’s life are displayed in front of your child” as well as “tallies” of the motivational vs. judgmental words said to kids in the household.

Mocking parents’ efforts to uncover the radical race and gender ideology being promoted in classrooms, Jackman warned that instructors would “set up a meeting” with parents who don’t report back.

The pandemic left many questions unanswered. One is how teachers and unions became so powerful in dealing with children. They told people they can take away parental rights. Another question was how did they get the idea that they have the right to teach children ideology, rather than the basics of education.

It would be a good idea for the nation to start looking at where administrators and teachers are studying these subjects. Asking teachers can help you start this process. If they do not report back, meetings can be organized.

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