The Left Pushes for More Restaurant Protests Against SCOTUS – Opinion

Even the White House continues to encourage eating conflicts. 

A small group of people in this country feels ignored and is different from those who are legally able to do so. This was something I mentioned. In a new pieceWorkers at a Philly-based, woke coffee shop felt empowered by this permissiveness. They tried to force more activism against the owner until they had to shut down the establishment. We are seeing a rise in restaurant rabblerousing due to similar ignorance.

A tsunami of reports coming out about the horrors that this was caused by were presented to us. Roe vs. Wade decision was sent back to the states as a federalism issue, scores of people feel helpless and oppressed by this decision which may never actually affect their lives–so they feel a need to lash out. The results: More activist-minded people are now taking refuge in the private homes of Supreme Court Justices and confronting them at restaurants. 

Justice Kavanaugh was already a judge Your safety is at risk at his home, was recently at Morton’s restaurant in D.C. when word got out and protestors arrived on site. It was a seemingly planned moveShutdown DC, an activist group that isn’t afraid to be unhinged. The group offers bounties to help prolong the effort. They promise payouts for wait staffers who report targeted figures in public places.

The word spread quickly and there was a lack of common sense. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary was asked about this at the most recent White House briefing. Actually, they lent their support to direct harassment Such a SCOTUS Court Justice. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy inquired directly whether this behavior was okay. KJP replied that the White House considers it acceptable.

This should be possible for everyone. In a restaurant, if it’s peaceful, for sure. Democracy is a society that allows people to exercise their rights. 

For starters, this is clearly not democratic. This is personal harassment for a political position. This is, in simple terms, retribution. It isn’t going to accomplish anything political by protesting at Kavanaugh’s restaurant. Because Morton’s restaurant dared to say they preferred that protestors not upset their customers, abortion re-activists took up the cause To punish the restaurant chainNo reservations would be accepted nationwide.

What targeting a restaurant chain in this fashion will ultimately lead to is, of course, never addressed — because it will accomplish not a single thing that enables the political cause. They feel like they’re doing something so they do it. It is less important to produce results than the temporary relief felt by helpless minds.

Chasten Buttigieg (husband to Pete) added to this supportive language. He saw the news of Kavanaugh’s steak-side harassment, and he felt it was appropriate to be flippant about the matter.

Now, I think it is possible that people affected by the high prices of gas and/or supply chain crises will see the two pairing munching on something. Wagyu Strip Loin at The Lafayette. Chasten is content to accept Secretary Pete’s intrusion. Chase, it is just their First Amendment, aren’t they?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was there to support these incivility freedoms. She did so because they had someone else in the news. Alex from The Bronx joined in her support but it also comes with an excessive amount of ignorance.

Funny thing is, AOC also has a history with intrusions of this nature and wasn’t as unaware about them. Once, soon after Her opposition was overwhelmingPeople eating hamburgers. She was noticed in an establishment where her chief chef was eating the food, which was captured by someone. She wasn’t graceful in this exchange.

It is clear that the cheerleading currently being offered shows the flaws in the system. Those who don’t see any problem with current confrontation focused on SCOTUS name never consider that this might lead to increased activity from the opposite side. It is unacceptable that the targets of current confrontation are so dissatisfying, therefore anti-social reactions can be accepted.

Ironically, these voices are also those in government and the media who lament the country’s divisions. It is interesting that this administration, which was built on the idea of being the Great Unifier, is actively encouraging behavior that opposes unification. The behavior displayed today by Biden is a delight to the attention of the media, who gave it that label.

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