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On Monday, I wrote about the reality of American politics in that the division the mainstream media continues to push on us in various forms is actually an illusion meant to keep you tuned in and loyal to them and the agenda they’re trying to sell you. Despite the radical left’s best efforts, America is thirsty for conversation, understanding, and middle ground.

There are many examples. The expansive audience of Joe Rogan, which is listened to by voters on both sides of the aisle despite the hard left’s attempts to shut him down and discredit him is a solid example. Both sides can find common ground in the Canadian convoy protest that was supported from across all ideological lines. Virginia went from blue to red as the extremists become so hubristic that they thought they could openly vie for control of other people’s children, causing voters in the state to unite against the Democrats.

This all leads to the same conclusion, namely that there is fracturing. Sure, at the start it was just a small crack that slowly developed. Celebrities would be quick to complain about it, while leftists would vent their frustrations on a discussion board. The cracks quickly grew and grew faster. It is now common for leftists to speak up against the ideological side they are opposed to.

Tulsi Gabbard, still considered a leftist in many ways, has now become one of the Biden administration’s most vocal critics, calling them out when they intrude upon our rights as Americans or make a nonsensical decision that benefits no one but themselves. Recently, Gabbard spoke out about Biden’s most important criteria for the next Supreme Court pick being that she be a black woman, tossing aside merit and obedience to the Constitution for identity and agenda.

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It doesn’t stop there.

Bill Maher is a consummate Leftist and has spoken repeatedly against his ideology to the point that he appears ready to give up on it. While that’s unlikely, and he will probably retain many of his leftist views, the slide the Democrats have experienced due to woke culture has him slamming the party at every turn. He’s even spoken out about the lunacy of the COVID-19 mandates, and the lies that make up the left’s narrative about it.

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Perhaps most surprising is the sudden outspokenness of someone I considered a leftist’s leftist. Sean Penn has even slammed the breaks on woke culture, pointing out how today’s society rewards the demasculinization of men. At one point, he even referred to cancel culture as “ludicrous” and revealed that he’s ” a little frustrated with the world.”

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While I don’t expect Penn to renounce leftism by any measure, one can easily see that even to the left, the left is too left. Social justice has poisoned well and people are seeing more clearly that they were tricked by activists, media, politicians into following the toxic victimhoods of woke culture.

We might witness a moment of great awakening for many left-leaning people. The veil of disillusionment is beginning to lift for many. Many are seeing the logical end to the policies and ideas they’ve been supporting. Many people are forced to flee their states because Democrats make their lives hell with their policies, regulations and high taxes.

Although many Democrats won’t ever stop being Democrats, there is a growing divide between moderates and radicals. It could lead to a struggle between those who see smaller groups of social justice being pushed aside. But if this does not happen, radicals will take over the Democrat Party, and you will soon see the formation of a number of Republicans. While this may seem like a positive thing, Democrats will want to retain many of their ideas. Not the voters, but the Republican Party will see changes.

To make the Democrat Party less moderate is the ultimate goal. This will lead to an America that’s more balanced and with both parties working with reasonable goals. We won’t see war between the sides trying to take over the country.

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