The January 23 ‘Defeat the Mandates D.C.’ Is Part of a Global Movement to Stamp out the Pandemic Evils – Opinion

RedState first reported the October 3, 2021 World Walkout Day. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. through his Children’s Health Defense Network encouraged U.S. and global citizens to coordinate against mask compliance, refuse the vaccines and testing, and disregard vaccine mandates and passports in solidarity and protest.

In the article, I asked if legacy media would overlook this incident at their peril. This was a rhetorical question because they ignored it. The protests were barely mentioned, except for NTD and some local news sources.


However, millions have been inspired, encouraged, and, most importantly, activated around the globe. These global units have continued to unite and coordinate under The World Wide Rally for Freedom. The global network worked to dismantle the globalist assaults on freedom, liberty and body autonomy throughout 2021. They also created opportunities for humanity to voice its discontent, defend their God-given right, and create new avenues for them.

This network organizes through Telegram and Instagram and has hosted three international events that have been successful so far. This is the World Wide Rally for Freedom of 2022.

“[M]We are moving from strength to strength in our quest to make the movement a beacon for freedom for the world. The fourth installment of the movement was resolved on common objectives, shared principles and joint solution actions. All citizens in all nations are invited to join us for the betterment of society. We won’t allow the repackaging of our Human Rights as Human Privileges or the conditional acceptance of Authoritarianism to limit our Human Rights. Throughout history, Humanity has been tried and tested in difficult times, but in the end, Freedom Always Wins.”

To emphasize, this is happening around the world—even Australia, where we have seen the worst of government overreach and crushing of speech and individual liberties. Continue reading the press release:

“We stand for the rights of all people to push back against infringements against their Freedom by joining us. One Day. We are all in this together. Everyone Will Be There. Take a stand to protect 5 fundamental freedoms

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of Health”

You wonder where these ideas might have come from? They sound very close to the United States of America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“We are advocating for 5 important Objectives:

  • Eliminate Lockdowns
  • End Mask Mandates
  • Avoid Vaccine Mandates & Coercion
  • Standard International and Domestic Travel
  • End all State of Emergency Declarations”

Continue reading the press release to learn more about the goals and principles.

“We call on all opponents of the Coronavirus Restriction policies of their own government to participate in this World-Wide Protest. Our belief is that it’s better to be right than to follow the majority. We can overcome widespread fear of social disapproval by building new social relationships with people that we align with and by helping people to find new communities to be a part of.”

Joe Rogan made Dr. Robert Malone, as well as Dr. Peter McCullough whistleblowers on COVID and mass formation psychosis, promote the date and the event is being held in solidarity to the World Wide Freedom Rally.


The fact that they both promoted it on Joe Rogan’s podcast is no doubt causing more Leftist and globalists heads to explode.


The American event, “Defeat the Mandates DC: America’s Homecoming,” is being held in conjunction with the World Wide Freedom Rally, and involves a march from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument. Two doctors, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Steve Kirsch, Lara Logan, Will Witt, a conservative pundit, as well as retired tech magnate Steve Kirsch, are among the speakers at the monument. The American people have gained some victory with the recent Supreme Court decision against Joe Biden’s OSHA mandates, but this only means that we must strengthen our resolve and continue to make our voices heard. This rally offers a great opportunity for us to achieve this.

You can join fellow Americans at Washington, D.C. by visiting the Defeat the Mandates DC webpage. You don’t have to go far for D.C. to participate in World Wide Freedom Rallies. If you live in another country, the World Wide Demonstration website has a list of events.

Oracle Films is produced PushbackA 1 hour, 21-minute documentary about the World Wide Freedom Rally that was held one year ago on March 20, 2021.

This is a worthwhile film and you should share it with others.

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