The Insane Story of the Guy Who Was Suspended After Calling out Twitter’s Suspension Hypocrisy – Opinion

In a story Monday on how the Biden White House was playing dangerous word games in response to the vicious threats being made against the conservative Supreme Court Justices and, more disturbingly, the marches on their homes, we noted a tweet from a former left-wing Congressional candidate – Steve Cox – that advocated for home invasion and violence.

“When [Kavanaugh] moves his family to a hotel, empty his house and burn his sh*t in front of the hotel,” Cox wrote in a now-deleted tweetThis is the screengrab that I took before he pulled it out:

Cox made the announcement sometime later in the afternoon. tweet back up (screengrab here), and I’m told through various Twitter users who he hasn’t blocked in the last few hours (like me) that it’s still up as of this writing, with people reporting it as a terms of service violation.

Here’s where it gets interesting – and infuriating.

Not long after I put up my “Internet is forever” tweet, conservative Twitter user RBPundit responded to it because he apparently hadn’t seen it when it had gone up the previous day. He then noted in a separate tweet how he himself had been suspended in the past for seven days for saying something that wasn’t even remotely as bad as what Cox had. He suggested at the end that Elon Musk must address this type of bias if Twitter is sold.

This happened sometime afterward:

Since he’s not around, and because Twitter isn’t fond of explaining themselves when they pull stunts like this, the reason his account was suspended has not been made clear, but it’s rather curious that it went down after he complained about their double standards – which they, in turn, have proven that they indeed have by leaving Cox’s incendiary tweet up.

Even more concerning is the fact that his tweets pinned can be read as an invitation to followers to visit the Justices houses:

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