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The Importance Of Concealed Carry Training

Guns enhance your protection; at least that’s what they’re meant to do. However, buying a gun doesn’t necessarily accomplish that task. In fact, that’s only your first small step towards self-protection. The next step is learning how to use it, and by this, we mean intense training.

In as much as it may seem easy to draw your gun and pull the trigger, there’re several tips that you must understand before you can consider yourself ready to go toe-to-toe with a criminal. Keep in mind that life-threatening situations require quick moves with very little time to think about anything. Many people fail to understand this and in the end, their guns don’t help when they need them the most. 

As such, most states consider this training part of their licensing requirements. For instance, for those wondering how to get a Texas handgun license, one of the criteria used is one’s ability to handle guns. You’ll then be required to complete the Texas LTC exam. 

So, why is concealed carry training essential?

  1. Enhances Top Performance

When you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, you’ve very few seconds to react. As such, you need to learn how to accomplish various tasks without having to think through the processes involved. This is what experts call operational or non-verbal thought. It’s a state where your body does things without you having to consciously make decisions. For instance, in a threatening situation, you should be ready to draw your gun and pull the trigger within seconds. The best performance by humans is usually achieved when using operational thought. 

New shooters always find themselves going through a mental checklist before making their final decision. This process is called verbal thought. Think of it as someone who’s still learning to drive. Most of the time, they’ll always start planning in their mind what to do next like changing gears or pressing the brake pads. As a shooter, though, you need to outgrow this stage as quickly as possible. When danger comes, you should be able to react accordingly. 

Concealed carry training is designed to help you develop your non-verbal thought. Keep in mind that you’ll need to undergo several exercises for you to master the skill. Making quick decisions under pressure is what will sharpen you. 

  1. Develop Your Skills

There are a lot of advantages of owning a gun but you must have the necessary skills to operate it when needed. For instance, when your gun jams, what do you do? Those using semi-auto pistols know that the remedy to such an issue is to tap-rack. This involves tapping the magazine’s base to ensure that it’s seated well for a fresh round. However, this isn’t applicable when using a revolver. Usually, when your revolver fails to fire, all you need to do is pull the trigger once again.

These are some of the skills that you’ll be taught during the concealed carry training. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need several exercises to be sure of exactly what you’re supposed to do at any given time. Remember, any gun can fail to fire, but it’s what you do next that’ll determine your fate during a life-or-death situation. 

Of course, you’ll need to find a quality instructor who’ll take you through all the basics and some complex procedures. Some may go as far as teaching you some military tactics, which might be helpful on some occasions. However, that doesn’t give the right and qualifications to attack the bad guys with full force – that’s the job of the police. Regardless of how intense your training was, always remember that it’s all about saving your life and not showing off your prowess. 

  1. Choose Your Route

There are two ways of concealed carry training – episodic and emersion. Episodic is where you learn by yourself without the help of an expert; needless to say that you must be familiar with the basics before embarking on individual training. However, if you don’t any background and can’t assess your performance, a feature that many people lack, then it’d be prudent to look for an instructor. They’ll take you through all the necessary steps and you’ll come out a confident firearm handler.


Having a gun doesn’t necessarily guarantee your safety unless you know how to use it. Concealed carry training is a very important process because it gives you the opportunity to overcome fear and increase your efficiency. It also allows you to develop and master various skills necessary for your self-protection. That said, make sure you find a good instructor with whom you share the same philosophy. 

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