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Around the globe, unrest is arising from supply chain and food insecurity issues. The Farmer Rebellion in The Netherlands was ignored by legacy media. Rebel NewsThis is unacceptable. The country has had journalists embedded for several months and the broadcast is being transmitted to the rest of the world.

Rebel News reporters are in Holland covering the mass, nationwide protests against new restrictions of nitrogen use in fertilizers and nitrogen emissions from animal agriculture that could see farmers be forced to relinquish land and cull livestock to meet targets set by Rutte.

Protests against this green scheme started 3 years ago. In recent weeks, thousands of farmers have blocked legislatures, roads, airports, and highways. Convoys are also formed in many cities throughout the Netherlands.

“I think the nature can survive our farming because it has been surviving our farming for has nothing to do with reality. It is all fine. It is fine. It is also fine to farm. So we want to turn our government back to reality.”

This is the return to Reality slapped the Sri Lankan prime minister and president square in the face this weekend, when the people rose up and said, “Enough.”

Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka was a protest by thousands of people against the government’s mismanagement of its country and resources. Leaders had bowed before they were attacked by the masses.

The government collapsed due to pressure. According to numerous reports, Ranil Wickremesinghe was forced out of office and there were 39 injuries from the home invasion.

Michael Shellenberger, author and activist who was a former California governor candidate is calling this a pivotal thread. This is his final thought

What’s happening in Netherlands and Sri Lanka is just the beginning of growing popular backlash against globalizing green elites. More of this will follow.

He’s not wrong. That “more to come” is on our doorstep here in the United States. Check out these headlines.

Fire severely damages beloved Cobb County meat company – Georgia
Deli Star plant destroyed in fire – Illinois
JBS plans to reopen Nebraska beef plant damaged in fire – Nebraska
Fire damages food processing plant in northwest Fresno – California

And that’s just over the last year. Unrest has yet to occur in the USA over fuel and food shortages You can still get it!But we’re still on thin ice.

Ice Age Farmer is a researcher and podcaster who has been warning people about the U.S. and worldwide occurrences of deliberate destruction of our food supplies. Ice Age Farmer insists that although we might disagree on who it is, the fact that this has occurred cannot be denied.

“If you step back far enough, you see a controlled shut down of food production.”

This credence is provided by Ice Age Farmer, who can provide a number of receipts. Stories, information and stats that were buried or casually reported on, but not debunked, by legacy media. This map shows plants which have been attacked.

The bottom line is that Americans need to wake up and pay more attention. It is clear that the current administration does not only seem hostile, but also antagonistic. They will have to change their approach from encouraging us to eat insects to making it impossible for us to choose.

Take a look at the actions they take regarding fossil fuels.

Food supply in the United States is currently under threat.

You, country and suburban dwellers are in a better position because your land and space can be tapped. While there are some attempts to get people off their land and houses (California, anyone? ), most states respect the rights of land owners. It is best to protect your land for your family and yourself, if you want your life to be sustained.

For the urban dwellers, it’s not good news. It will soon be you.

Because these websites are constantly updated with information about the supply-chain crisis and what’s happening in food supply, it has been a pleasure to follow prepper and survivalist websites. Off Grid Survival, another site, calls it “areas with high density of population”, i.e. major cities.

High population densities will feel the worst during a food crisis. These areas depend on constant supply of goods, which must be sent in on an ongoing basis. Once the supply lines stop, these areas cannot fulfill people’s basic food and water requirements.

There will be riots in the streets, and that’s probably majorly understating what will happen! Most Americans are not prepared to survive a food shortage or crisis; they simply don’t have the skills, the supplies, or the mental strength to survive for more than a couple of days without food and water.

Ice Age Farmer and this site encourage people to be self-sufficient, not just for food, but also for energy. Ice Age Farmer even explores sustainable currency; what we used to call “bartering.” Honey, seeds, eggs, have become forms of commerce for many who are working to live off the grid. He is open to helping neophytes learn how to be self-sustaining by linking them to others who have done it.

But, it is a wise decision for everyone to begin somewhere and to start today.

My household has already contracted with local suppliers for its meat and poultry. We’re buying a second freezer and planning to invest in more generators. We are UnterIf you live in an urban area and want to rent your property, hydroponic garden is the best choice. I’m also planning on striking up a conversation with a nearby neighbor who is raising chickens and look at ways to either barter or buy with them.

Or where do you want to begin? Oder where are you starting?

It will require many paradigm changes, but this is necessary as our governments continue to promote destruction and depopulation.

In this video, Ice Age Farmer discusses exactly that.

Twenty minutes, and worth the…


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