The Future of Work

Remote workplaces are becoming increasingly popular with employees. It is even becoming a requisite for many workers, as 32% have quit their jobs when they weren’t allowed to work remotely. 61% of employees have also claimed that they would switch jobs for the opportunity to work from home. There are many benefits that workers claim to experience from a remote work environment, including increased time with family, improved savings, and a boost in overall morale. Employees love the ability to choose where to work, and it can be expected that many workplaces will begin to shift to a remote environment to fill this desire. 

There are many other aspects of the workspace that will change in the future as well. It is expected that digital assistants will be used to sort and prioritize tasks, so that there is a reduced workload on the employees. This will leave time for workers to engage in smarter brainstorming and collaborate more effectively. Informal gatherings will also increasingly take place online, through video conferences rather than “water cooler” talk in the office. Emotional intelligence will still be in high demand for employees, even as technology becomes more dominant in the workplace. This can include people management and negotiation skills that a computer can’t replicate.

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