The FBI Abruptly Changes Course on the Texas Synagogue Attack – Opinion

A terrifying attack in Texas on a Texas Jewish synagogue was carried out two days ago. Malik Faisal Akram, an English national who claimed to be from Britain, held a Rabbi and several congregants hostage in a desperate attempt to get the release of convicted terrorists. Aafia Siddiqui.

Siddiqui is currently being held in jail for trying to murder US Military personnel. Many Islamist-supporting organisations have turned her into a folk-hero. CAIR is an organization that has been widely supported by Democrats and hosts rallies to support her.

It was obvious right away that Faisal Akram was attempting to livestream his crime. Despite that, the FBI, in parodic fashion, once again stepped up to the plate to obfuscate and insult everyone’s intelligence.

Those remarks represented a continuation of the FBI’s tendency to whitewash the motive of any crime that is found to be inconvenient to the left’s primary narrative.

The President of the United States, though he at least called it an act of terror, also echoed the absurdity that we just didn’t have enough information to speak to the motive of the attacker. The attacker also told us why on Facebook Live. Furthermore, it was absurd to suggest that his actions did not have anything to do with Jewish communities, which the FBI claimed. An Islamist didn’t just randomly pick a synagogue to hold hostage while attempting to secure the release of an anti-Semitic terrorist.

Well, perhaps the FBI has realized that they simply couldn’t keep the facade up much longer? In a move that completely contradicts their original statement, the FBI is now admitting this was an act of terror “in which the Jewish community was targeted.”

Furthermore, the FBI quickly claimed that the attacker was acting alone. They could not have commented until they were certain. However, police in the UK detained two individuals who had been in touch with Faisal Akram prior to and during the attack.

To summarize, the FBI’s original statement got nearly everything wrong. This attack This wasTerrorism is an act that causes harm. You didn’t knowIt immediately identifies the reason. This wasIt is committed by a foreigner This wasThere was a targeted attack on the Jewish Community. These werePossibly others were involved, at least up to the point that they knew about the attack.

The FBI puts on a complete circus show. If the defense here is that the facts changed because they gathered more information, that’s still not an excuse for them initially making several definitive claims in what felt like an extremely political move. Instead of running for the podium and putting out false narratives, the FBI should have stayed silent.

There’s a reason no one trusts these government institutions, and it’s because so much of what they do is obviously colored by politics. Had Faisal Akram been a white supremacist, the FBI would have announced that immediately and they certainly wouldn’t have whitewashed his victims. Instead, the FBI played coy for nearly two days, acting as if they didn’t know the guy was a terrorist that went after Jews deliberately. It’s unconscionable.

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