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As we covered earlier, Jeff Zucker announced his resignation to a “stunned CNN” after an investigation of the Chris Cuomo scandal at the network revealed an extramarital affair with CNN executive Allison Gollust.

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, here’s her official CNN biography (emphasis mine).

Gollust, who is chief spokesperson for CNN Worldwide, leads the marketing, public relations and publicity departments in New York City, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. As CMO, she is responsible for the brand strategy and marketing activities for all brands in the CNN Worldwide portfolio. Gollust oversees CNN’s creative marketing, events, on-air promotions, off-channel and digital marketing efforts as well.

Before joining CNN Gollust worked as the Communications Director for Andrew M. Cuomo in New York State.. Prior to that, she was executive vice president of corporate communications for NBC Universal, where she oversaw all aspects of the company’s global communications efforts. Her career began in the Corporate Communications department of NBC. She was then promoted to Senior Publicist for Today in 1997. Gollust was promoted several times and now has responsibility for all communications activities supporting NBC News and MSNBC as well as CNBC and Weather Channel. She also oversees signature programs such as Dateline, NBC Nightly News and Meet the Press. Her career began in Denver as a reporter, anchor and producer. Gollust lives in New York City together with her daughters.

And she was actually accused by Ari Fleischer as the person responsible for protecting Chris Cuomo at CNN initially.

Allison Gollust was Cuomo’s communications director before becoming executive vice president at CNN — where she was even recently tapped to replace Jeff Zucker as Worldwide President, Fox News has noted.

“CNN has a real ethical problem on its hands,” former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told Fox News on Wednesday,

Fleischer maintained that Chris Cuomo had been spared punishment because he advised his brother on the mushrooming scandal arising from Gollust’s influence.

“She now runs the show, she’s the number two to Jeff Zucker at CNN,” the former aide to George W. Bush told Fox.

You can see that only CNN employees seem to be shocked by the Twitter reactions. Ben Smith reports at CNN on most reactions. New York Times.

If guys like Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy are “stunned” by this, they haven’t been paying attention. At the peak of Matt Lauer’s most outrageous behavior, Zucker was responsible for overseeing the situation at CNN. He also allowed CNN to have the same conduct.

Perhaps if CNN’s actual media reporters paid attention to the media, they might not have been so shocked! All of this was predictable.

This is the Cuomo probe that has claimed more heads. As was to be expected. There was very little reason to believe Zucker’s job wouldn’t be affected in some way over the Cuomo scandal. That investigation also claimed the man who is most toxic in the media.

Zucker is credited with bringing CNN more documentary content. When Trump rose to political power during the 2016 election cycle, under Zucker’s direction CNN focused their coverage on him to the point that he received the equivalent of millions in free advertising. He was nominated for the presidency and all the media coverage was very negative. They were openly combative during his presidency, using all of their coverage to appeal to the “resistance” types and those who just wanted to watch a good sideshow.

The network began to lose viewers in the post-Trump period. Ratings have been consistently in the toilet, with stretches of time that the network couldn’t break 1 million viewers during prime time – which belonged to the two most opinionated hosts on the network in Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.

Zucker’s focus on those two, in particular, is emblematic of why his reign has been so awful. While there are men who provide more information than opinions on the network’s news channel, they are often overlooked. Jim Acosta, who was seen sparring with Trump in a circus act, is now a major anchor.

If there is any reason that viewers’ trust in the media in general and CNN, in particular, has tanked, it’s the fact that Zucker designed the network to be an opinionated network that was supposed to attract partisan consumers. The network failed because Zucker chose only diet-oriented personalities to fill the gap. People wanting those types of opinions have a place where they can get them. They weren’t going to go with Lemon, who is just Rachel Maddow Lite.

The way the entertainment industry works, Zucker’s job might not have been in such danger had the ratings not tanked. But not even the corrupt media industry can protect you if you aren’t producing results, and every single gain CNN made has been entirely wiped out.

Zucker is toxic and has made CNN morally unsustainable. CNN has been distrusted by Americans for years, which is why they fled in large numbers.

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