The Discussion of Holocaust Victim Anne Frank’s ‘White Privilege’ Has Begun – Opinion

Just when you thought things in our society can’t get dumber, the woke left set their beers down and somehow manage to top themselves. OK, no one actually thought things couldn’t get dumber, but you get the idea.

Anne Frank, a victim of the Holocaust and whose diary has had a profound impact on millions of lives, is now being accused of having possessed “white privilege.” Yes, a young girl who was killed in one of Hiter’s death camps was apparently part of the oppressive class because she had white skin and her dad owned a business.

This wasn’t just a fringe thing either. This trended on Twitter, and it caught the eye of TMZ.

The idea that Anne Frank was a recipient of “white privilege” is so insane as to seem like parody, but I can assure you that the left is full of people who think like this. In fact, you may recall “The View”s Whoopi Goldberg making the same argument some months ago, arguing that Hitler wasn’t racist because the Holocaust was “white people doing it to white people.” She later tried to insinuate that the Holocaust wasn’t equivalent to historical racism against black people because Jews could hide behind the fact that they were white.

It is a toxic form of intersectionality that has no limits. The idea of generic racial “privilege” has always been stupid. Aspects of privilege span all races and are highly dependent on each individual’s personal situation. Yes, the color of one’s skin could be a factor, but there are dozens of other factors that are rarely considered and are often far more important in modern society.

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived during a time in which her people were considered subhuman and were exterminated by evil men. How shallow and sad must one’s life be to try to claim she was “privileged” in order to make themselves seem like more of a victim? In nearly all instances, people who indulge in such foolishness are also highly privileged.

Antisemitism can still be found in society today, so it must not only be ignored but mocked. The woke have made victimhood into a currency, which only makes it worse.

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