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It’s hardly debatable anymore. Social justice is the cancer of societies. It pushes the best and brightest people into the shadows while putting those in higher positions solely based upon their identities.

We’ve seen many examples over the course of the last few decades with the focus on hiring for the sake of “diversity” instead of qualification. We’ve even seen major networks like CBS tell their employees to focus less on being objective in their reporting and focus more on racial issues by “diversity officers” or face punishment.

(READ: CBS Whistleblower Reveals that Local Stations Are Being Taught to Be Unobjective by Diversity Officers).

However, the issue goes far beyond news media outlets issuing biased reporting. The social justice takeover may also be affecting the science community, which could prove to be as harmful, or worse, for our society. NASA is a prime example of social justice infecting one our most significant scientific institutions.

A recent Daily Wire report revealed that NASA had set diversity goals regarding staffing. However, it appears they don’t have sufficient data to verify if these goals are being reached.

“Current data limitations restrict NASA’s ability to fully measure its progress towards meeting broader diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility goals—a significant issue given that astronauts are among the most publicly visible employees at the Agency,” the report said.

The report, in particular, focuses in on the astronaut corps, stating that “greater detail” is necessary on the status of diversity so it can be expanded upon, focusing quite a bit on the issue of having “all white male pilots.” The lack of data apparently worries investigators, who complained that 32 percent of applicants to the program chose to withhold data about their identity.

If you’re wondering what diversity in race and sex has to do with science, the answer is “nothing.” It’s purely socio-political, moreover, it’s wildly unfair. While a white person may have trained and studied all his life to become an astronaut, the diversity quotas could cause him to lose his seat to ensure that someone else gets the rightful place. His skin color and sex are not his fault, but he’s still going to suffer for it.

This is a crime in and of itself. However, it has a ripple effect on the entire scientific community. This isn’t just someone being denied a job at a bank, this is scientific accomplishment being restrained for optics. The best qualified for the job should get the job because it’s that person who has a higher chance of making a breakthrough in his or her field. The chances of a major accomplishment are limited by removing that individual to make room for a diverse group.

Politicians and media professionals are willing to sacrifice the advancement of our species for narrative development and bragging rights.

For people that promote themselves as the people who believe in “the science”, they’re pretty gung-ho about restricting and restraining science and scientific development in favor of pushing “racial diversity” which is, at its core, racial discrimination.

It is important to remember that only the best qualified candidates should be hired, and not those with the highest identity quotas. It is not science to focus on the former.

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