The Dawn of the Mobile DevOps Renaissance

The year 2021 marked a significant milestone in the tech world, crowning ‘DevOps Engineer’ as the most sought-after job title.  Spearheading this wave of change is the Mobile DevOps market, projected to balloon from a modest $7 billion in 2021 to an impressive $51 billion by 2030, echoing a 24.7% CAGR.

As the market flourishes, the clamor for adept Mobile DevOps engineers parallels this growth.  The year 2022 manifested this demand tangibly: an 11% surge in app downloads, a 14% growth in mobile ad spending, and a 3% uptick in in-app usage time.  This surge corresponds with an increased hiring focus on DevOps (35.55%) and mobile development skills (23.37%), anticipating a 21% boost in DevOps engineer roles by 2028.

Mobile applications have metamorphosed into vital revenue conduits.  Evidence reveals that 33% of American retailers, 42% of small businesses, and 55% of millennial-owned enterprises are capitalizing on this trend.  With smartphone users navigating through 9 to 10 apps daily, the requirement for builds and tests swells, fueling the need for proficient Mobile DevOps engineers.

Despite the escalating demand, challenges persist.  Developers grapple with quickening deployment amidst the cybersecurity menace interfering with 81% of mobile apps.  Tackling these hurdles head-on, DevOps tools like Bitrise, utilized by over half of all mobile unicorn startups, fortify efficiencies, trim build times, and bolster app stability, paving the path for a brighter future in Mobile DevOps engineering.

The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineering
Source: bitrise

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