The ‘Content Advisory’ on Rogan Is on the Wrong Person but the Effort Is Already Backfiring – Opinion

Joe Rogan and Spotify both responded to the misinformation being spread by the left about their show. Spotify stated that they would place a content advisory in any discussion of COVID. This will point to additional information.

Rogan responded that he didn’t have a problem with that. Why? Because he’s being honest and he has no issue with people seeing other information about it. That’s how you react when you have no issue.

But the liberal media and folks on the left want a “content advisory” on him because they’re afraid of being questioned. Why? They are often incorrect and need to be challenged on what they say. Because as Rogan pointed out, what they often call “misinformation” months down the road then changes and they admit it’s fact. Because they’re not as honest as Rogan, who will admit when he’s wrong, and they’re not about a search for truth; they’re about an effort to control the narrative.

What content advisory will they impose on CNN’s lies about Joe Rogan? Where is the content advisory on CNN with their lies about Joe Rogan taking “horse dewormer”? Where is the content advisory as MSNBC was contradicted by the very flames behind them as they talked about “peaceful protests”? Is there a content advisory about the many years of lying about Russia collusion, which has manipulated the masses and caused such division? Talk about harmful lying.

Where is the content advisory on Joe Biden’s constant lies — from making up false stories about Amtrak conductors to his claim if you were vaccinated you couldn’t catch the virus? He hasn’t apologized or even admitted he was wrong about any of those stories.

The content advisory is on the wrong people — not the people who need to be questioned even more.

But the funny thing about those “content advisories.” When they originally started putting that stuff on music, it made people more interested in looking at it. If the powers that be don’t want you to see it, it tends to make you want to see it all the more. More people are now looking at Joe Rogan and questioning the legitimacy of the media. The left basically shot themselves in their own foot by trying to control the narrative.

This NY Times reporter raised the correct question:

The problem isn’t Joe Rogan. Problem is in the liberal media.

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