The CDC Finally Makes a Massive Admission About COVID-19 – Opinion

It seems almost natural to write about COVID-19 in a political commentary. Two years ago, I would have laughed at the idea that we’d still be covering the virus, but here we are, still having it be part of our daily conversation.

That’s not by choice, of course. Instead, it’s because our leaders have insisted on tying the two areas of health and politics together so tightly. When a pandemic is constantly used to crush liberties and hand power to people with tyrannical leanings, that’s not a story that can be ignored.

Natural immunity is the one issue that has been used more in the deceptions and confusions of the past few years by the government. We’ve known since the beginning months of the pandemic that those who are previously infected gain lasting, durable immunity from the virus. Yet, both the CDC and two Presidential Administrations as well as the mainstream media continue to deny that truth.

This has now changed.

You don’t say? You are invited to the party that the rest of us have hosted for over a year and a half.

Since 2020’s summer, many of us have written about natural immunity. We’ve charged ahead, amidst an onslaught of false “fact-checks” to present the data that clearly shows that those with a prior COVID infection are protected and likely don’t need to get vaccinated. In that time, we’ve been maligned as anti-science and called grandma killer, among other choice descriptors. Even after multiple studies emerged over the last year proving natural immunity was real and viable, the government and its media allies still pretended it didn’t exist.

And in the off chance you did get a member of those groups to admit the obvious, they’d usually respond with a non sequitur like “oh, so you are suggesting people purposely get COVID?” But no one was ever suggesting that. We were merely pointing out the fact that COVID was a common condition in millions, and not because of vaccines.

Still, as shocking and late as this admission is, it means nothing if the CDC doesn’t change its guidelines. Will they now include natural immunity in their push for things like “vaccine passports”? Or will they continue down the same, absolutist road where if you aren’t triple-vaxxed, you lose your rights? It is possible to speculate as confidently about the outcome of these events. The Biden administration won’t allow any change to their policy. To do so would be to admit they’ve been wrong all along, and they can’t have that.

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