The Biden Administration’s Lunatic DOJ Action Against Airlines – Opinion

The Biden administration is running a clinic — on how to rip out the roots of a capitalist economy and drive up prices on basic goods and services. Look at the most recent blunder. The Biden department of justice, headed by Attorney General Merrick garland, decided to take on American Airlines, JetBlue, and other business partners for a “run-of-the mill” partnership.

To better compete in the country’s northeast corridor, the two airlines teamed up and decided to share flight lanes and revenue. American and JetBlue faced off against Delta and United in the region. They did what underdogs do and joined forces to expand their market shares and provide better customer service.

It was business 101. This joint venture is like every other. With the exception of Biden’s administration “ordinary business”It is like a bull to red. Rather than support this partnership — on the grounds that passengers should, you know, get more flight choices and cheaper air travel — the Biden team brought in the trust-busters, accusing American and JetBlue of unfair coordination and launching a farcical investigation.

Worst of all, two Republicans — the Attorneys General of Arizona and Florida — jumped on the Biden bandwagon and praised the DOJ action. It should be noted that this agreement was sent to the Trump administration’s DOJ for its blessing — where it passed, because the administration knew this was just how business works in the United States.

It’s hard to know what element of this whole affair is the most ridiculous. Is it that the Biden administration’s DOJ looks the other way while actual crime rises throughout the country — but that the DOJ is laser-focused on harmless partnerships between airlines? Or is it that — in the aftermath of a pandemic that gutted the travel and tourism industry — the Biden administration’s first action out of the gate is to jam up airlines in court? Or — and this may well win the award for ludicrousness — Two Republicans signed on to this fake suit.

These are the facts. This lawsuit has no merit and is most likely to be dismissed. Additionally, it does little more than fill the pockets of lawyers. This should be a corollary signal to Florida and Arizona voters: You Republican AGs have to answer for what they did. The principles of market economies need to be defended now.

How about the antitrust case itself? This one’s easy: The United States does not currently have a problem of concentrated corporate power. New evidence supports this. In the last few months alone, massive, multi-billion-dollar companies — GE, ToshibaAnd Johnson & Johnson — have announced that they are splitting up into component, independent firms. They’re doing so because of business strategy, but the fact that they’ve done so is all the evidence we need that the US market economy is functioning as it should. Put more directly: Market forces are doing just fine without Merrick Garland’s guiding hand to help us.

In these times of national uncertainty and runaway inflation, the Biden administration must lay off. And the Republicans who support the Biden team should think twice: When you begin attacking basic business, even your voters at home start to wonder about your convictions, and when they do, they’ll also start to wonder whether you are worth voting for the next time around.

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