The Adoption and Growth of Live Video

The pandemic has accelerated an already growing demand for live streaming, whether it be for entertainment or business purposes. In 2020 alone, the gaming industry generated content revenue of $9.3 billion, and nowadays, one is more likely to have an employee interview over Zoom than in-person. 

Despite the prevalence of live video in our daily lives, there are still many technical challenges. The most pressing of these is poor connectivity arising due to unsupported browsers, lack of firewalls, and a lack of compatibility between streaming platforms and all devices. Users experience lags as a result of this; waiting for video meetings to begin costs nearly 11 minutes per meeting, which is more than 3 days a year. 

Additionally, even when video does run smoothly and there are no bandwidth issues, video quality is often compromised. 

In order to alleviate these pain points, a firm named Eyeson has patented a single stream technology that enables the same stream to be viewed from any device in high quality, all through a web-based browser. This kind of a product will pave the way for a future of live video streaming that is simple, pain-free and accessible to all.

The power of nimble live video

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