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We reported Wednesday on the embarrassing story of how President Joe Biden’s handlers had scrapped a so-called “Three Amigos” press conference that had been scheduled to take place today between him, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador after meetings in Washington, D.C.

Chris Meagher, White House deputy press secretary, did not give any good reasons for yesterday’s presser cancellation. This presser has been an ongoing tradition among the three countries dating back many years. Justin Sink (Bloomberg News reporter) answered the question by answering his own.

“I mean, I would — I guess I would just press for having a press conference. And I guess I would wonder, if Jen said that this was going to happen, if there’s longstanding precedent of this happening, and the most recent data point is yesterday where you guys had to clean up not only this Olympic comment but his comment on the timing for the Fed and his Taiwan comment, is the worry that you don’t want the President taking questions? And if not, I think the best way to satisfy that would be to have the President out there tomorrow.”

Biden’s staff was forced to deal with three different and very distinct mistakes in 24 hours. To avoid repeat performance, Biden cancelled his Thursday press conference with world leaders.

In response, Meagher twice emphasized with Sink that though Biden wouldn’t be holding that formal presser that Jen Psaki originally told everyone last week would take place today that Biden would instead be taking part in “pool sprays,” which as we’ve seen in the past often consist of Biden pretending not to hear a randomly shouted question from a reporter as he walks out of the room guided by a handler.

The update just made it worse. Kathryn Watson from CBS News White House noted this morning on her Twitter account that Trudeau, unlike Biden would hold a presser this afternoon.

Watson filed a report stating that Biden would be able to bail on the planned presser, which would enable him avoid uncomfortable questions concerning the border crisis or his handling thereof.

On Thursday, there will be no press conference and Mr. Biden is not required to answer questions on his decision to maintain Title 42. Title 42 was a controversial health policy that allowed migrants to flee to Mexico without being re-exported. Its origin is COVID-19. Progressives and advocates of immigration have criticized Mr. Biden for continuing to use it in an effort to reduce the number at the border. A U.S. District Court judge in Texas has also determined the Biden administration improperly ended the “Remain in Mexico Policy.”

I originally called the cancelation of the presser “pathetic” yesterday but I think “utterly shameful” is the more appropriate way to describe it now seeing that another world leader who is visiting will be doing what Biden should be in taking questions from the press in a formal setting regarding what was discussed in his meeting with POTUS.

It is wrong to find out about what occurred at a White House event hosted by leaders from other nations. These leaders. The White House should allow us to directly inquire about the president of the United States.

This is reminiscent of the cringe-inducing moment from a public appearance Biden made at the White House with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in September where Johnson actually took questions from UK reporters and Biden’s handlers proceeded to cut him off so the American press wouldn’t get the idea they could ask Biden some questions, too. When asked about the awkward moment later during a press briefing, Psaki actually had the nerve to blame Johnson and his staff for not “alerting” the White House that that’s what he was going to do.

And in a similar incident a few days later, Biden actually urged India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to take questions from the American press because, in Biden’s words, the Indian press were “much better behaved” and the American press “won’t ask any questions on point.”

Did I mention that this is not normal? If not, let me do so now. This is not normal.

Yesterday I stated that we’re at an era when the country needs a strong leader, who is capable of giving the impression of being coherent and competent, as well as able to control his thoughts, when appearing before cameras. But Biden just can’t do it, and the repeated intervention from his handlers to rescue him just underscores the point.

Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the Brandon administration for at least the next three years, assuming he doesn’t step aside and let Kamala take the reins which, unfortunately, would actually make matters much worse. Thank God the 2022 midterms aren’t as far off, because it’s looking like that lovely Virginia red wave has a good chance of expanding quite a bit (we hope).

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