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For this article, I’m going to channel my inner Joe Biden and tap into the magical, mystical powers of my mind to pull off something to start with, so please bear with me.

One of those stories that are meant to be shared wisdom is the time Biden was imprisoned for protesting civil rights. Biden is FAMOUS for these quotes from his Dad or Mom, grandparents, or aliens from space that once abducted him — and he uses them to fill a gap in his mind, and the story he is telling, and it is absolutely precious.

Who can forget that “Cornpop” is a bad dude and hung out at a pool?

That story is so beautiful.

Here’s the deal.

My grandfathers and my grandmother told me as a baby that one day I would be able to apply this wisdom to seek out the greater good of something. I never believed it would happen, but here we are in 2022, and I’m finding out through the Joe Rogan and Spotify story that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are still converting oxygen into carbon.

It was odd to think that they had stopped being oxygen stealers years ago.

The reason they are still available to receive royalty checks is because I was able to use their albums during rare breaks when I was fighting the Contras in Antarctica. We had lots of albums to choose from, and we only chose the ones that we would not listen to — because they attracted mating penguins and made them suicidal. Young and Mitchell were the only discs we had to choose from. Perhaps that Crosby-Stills, Nash, Young experiment. But it was too long ago. My memory is fading.

This is great fun, my lord. It’s no wonder Biden did this throughout his entire career.

So, I bring up the wisdom of always searching for a silver-lining. This is something neither of my grandfathers ever taught me. Because, without this tale of Neil Young complaining about the Spotify playlist that his catalog was being played, Joe Rogan would have never told me.

A.) A.) Mitchell and Young are still alive.

B.)   I learned from others here at RedState that some of these artists threatening the same thing don’t even earn a dime from plays on Spotify.

This prompted me to continue asking questions.

My colleague Brad SlagerWith his piece entitled Some of the Most Overlooked Facts That Unravel The Emotional Neil Young/Spotify Scabble

Now understand, Young was peacocking in his outrage–nothing more. Spotify was paying him very few royalties, if any. Most streaming rights for music were granted to labels. They receive royalties. You see this in Neil’s own words, regarding the desire to move from the outlet; “I was reminded by my own legal forces that contractually I did not have control of my music to do that.”

I didn’t know that Neal had “legal forces” (how authoritarian), but he was just peacocking, as Brad states, being he does not own his own songs.

Brad’s article was followed up with one from my other fabulous colleague, Jennifer Oliver O’ConnellWith her piece entitled Joni Mitchell follows Neil Young and Peter Frampton, like Lemmings from a Cliff.. I learned there that Joni released a statement that, in part, says…

“I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue.”

It’s not hard to see how things have turned out in medical and scientific communities. It would give them a batting score of.100 after three-fourths the season is over. Not a major league contract coming anytime soon for the Fauci’s Ouchies crew, but we always expect less from government.

Yet, when I was snooping around, I found the answer that was bouncing around in the back of my mind about why I have read about all these “artists” recently selling off their glorious catalogs that they spent years building. Many music lovers have heard of early blues artists and rock-n’roll musicians being cheated out of their royalties. Now their property is protected jealously and this is rightly so.

Well, the answer (in at least Young’s case here) shows what a flaming pile of excrement some of these folks are.

Lower. Taxes.

According to CBC, dopesters like Young want to keep on rocking with lower taxes, before Joe Biden’s tax increase kicks in.

Why are corporations willing to spend so much to acquire these musicians’ catalogues? What is the deal with some of the greatest stars in the history of music?

CBC News explains why catalogue sales have become a defining part of today’s music industry.

“The reason why you’re hearing about this right now, and why it seems to be happening quickly is a U.S. tax situation,” said Patrick Rogers, CEO of Music Canada. “The opportunity to do this at the best financial time is right now.”

Due to what many call a “loophole” in American tax law, musicians making a large sale right now pay less than half as much as they might a few years from now, when that loophole is closed.

When United States President Joe Biden was elected, he pledged to alter the country’s capital gains tax law so that it would fall in line with income tax for high-earners. Or in other words, it would ask — as stated on his website — “those making more than $1 million to pay the same rate on investment income that they do on their wages.”

This means that musicians could pay more taxes on catalogue sales than they do 20 years ago. For sales in the hundreds-of-millions, that represents a huge amount of money, Rogers said, and it’s pushing musicians who are considering the move to get it done.

This is what I would like to see. Instead of fighting each other, they now pay the man less taxes but still lick his feet.

Neil Young made it easy for himself to sell his favorite songs in order to keep more money before he is put under. Frauds like this old hipster wrote songs about sticking it to the government, but actually love getting ‘jabbed’ by the authority and strut around as though they actually care about some larger “thing” in a goofy cosmic sense.

Joe Rogan spent most of his adult life building himself, but young fraudsters want to make cheap shots to appear relevant while still being alive. This is the best thing for him and his career.

However absurd all of this #woken nonsense may seem.

If it were not for “The Joe Rogan Experience” and the press he has gotten for doing nothing other than putting on an informative and entertaining show, I and many others would not know that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell were alive, and that Young just dodged a proposed Biden tax increase. I now won’t look dumbfounded when these vapid super-rich dufuses finally assume room temperature.

Back to Joe Biden-style making up stories and living in delusional worlds (thanks Canada).

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