Texas School District Stands Athwart Trans Ideology

Texas schools just approved measures to keep conservatives happy.

The Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District board voted on Monday by a tally of 4-3 that it will require student to participate in sports that correspond with their biological sex and that it will not require teachers to refer to students by their preferred pronouns. 

“The district will not promote, require, or encourage the use of titles or pronoun identifiers for students, teachers or any other persons in any manner that is inconsistent with the biological sex of such person,” the policy states.

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This policy states, among other things that teachers are not allowed to discuss sexual orientation or gender fluidity within their classrooms. 

Many people feel happy that the board made its vision a reality. Of course, lefties aren’t among them. 

“You can talk about Santa Claus, but you can’t talk about gay people to fifth graders,” Mike Sexton, a parent of a student at the school who spoke at the board meeting, said. “This is incredible — you’re acting like people don’t exist. There’s thousands of people in this district that are LGBTQ, that live here, that are taxpayers.”

While that last part may be true, that’s not an excuse to indoctrinate young, susceptible children with perhaps the most dangerous ideology that has infiltrated the education system. Parents who are so upset should get their children out of the school. There is no reason to make that agenda mandatory for those who don’t want it.

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