Terry McAuliffe Offers the Best Evidence Yet That He Thinks He’s Losing in Virginia – Opinion

Virginia is now a nation-wide race for the governorship. The race for Virginia governor is now national as Republican Glenn Youngkin began to make Terry McAuliffe a more difficult candidate than expected. Multiple blunders have populated the McAuliffe campaign, including a statement that parents shouldn’t have a say in the education of their children.

With the election just two weeks away and polling showing a toss-up, the Democrat candidate’s desperation has become tangible. Now, he’s offered up the best evidence yet that he thinks he’s losing. McAuliffe, while being interviewed this weekend, bragged about the many big names who had rushed in to support him.

Do you know what someone who thinks they are winning doesn’t do? They don’t talk about all the non-Virginia residents being drug up at the last minute to try to save their bacon. Yet, McAuliffe, tone-deaf as ever, doesn’t seem to understand that he’s undermining any perception of stability around his campaign by looking as desperate as he currently does.

Aside from that, figures like Stacey Abrams Jill Biden and Kamala Harris as well as Kiesha Lance Bottoms drive even more division in a state which could use a break. McAuliffe admitted that Joe Biden was unpopular and hurt his chances of winning. Now, he’s going to bring him to Virginia to campaign? That only makes sense when you consider McAuliffe feels like he’s running out of options.

McAuliffe may be the only person who could offer McAuliffe any positives, since Barack Obama appeals to more moderate voters.

To be clear, though, even if McAuliffe is acting like he’s losing, he may yet prevail. There’s a distinct lack of polling out of Virginia over the last week and the state still went to Joe Biden by 10 points. Youngkin has an uphill slog, and that shouldn’t be underestimated. But he’s done far better than anyone would have imagined just three months ago. It is concerning that McAuliffe seems to be running scared in deep blue states, which is bad news for Democrats going into 2022.

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