‘Terrific!’ Morning Joe Swoons Over Biden Attacking Trump on January 6 Inaction

  • “Terrific!”
  • Biden has “hit it on its head!”
  • “About time!”
  • I’m “very, very, happy!”

Reviewers are now available Morning Joe on President Biden’s sore-throat attacks on Donald Trump over January 6th. They are a far cry from the reality. Maverick: Top GunSounds like an idiot!

Biden referring to Trump as the “victored former president” thrilled the panel. He then called Trump out, calling him “Donald Trump” and saying, “Donald Trump lacks the courage to do something.” 

Jonathan Lemire acted as a substitute host for Joe and Mika, while they were gone. He was shocked that Biden used Trump’s last name. “He embodies the passionate feelings he feels about this specific moment.” Maybe—or something his handlers thought would be helpful. Biden’s true passion seems reserved for hair-sniffing and tackling triple-scoop cones. 

Claire McCaskill, a former Democrat senator, insists that “he must really get on the offense about this.” It’s obvious that the president has spent far too much time over the past six month on defense So I was impressed.

Al Sharpton was reminded by Lemire that Biden had also stated to him, “You can’t be pro-cop while being pro-insurrection.” As if it were not enough. Defund the Cops DemocratsWho was okay that the 2020 riots had been consistent? It is always fun to ask Al Sharpton questions about the causes of riots, which has led to some destruction and death.

SHARPTON:  I thought that wasA timely and appropriate statement . . . It was more than just appropriate. I felt it was necessary coming from the President the United States. . . It was my opinion that tHe president hit the nail on the headHe had to name the person leading this charge.

Elise Jordan, “MSNBC Republican,” unwittingly revealed the Democrats’ political strategy. Biden said that it was “about the time” and she felt especially timely. “The country has been so ready and willing to speak about it. It was a profound experience to hear such powerful testimony. Once it has been shown live at primetime on each liberal media outlet twice.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said thought he didn’t need to stoop to this, but “he needs to address it head on. It must be addressed aggressively. So it goes. It was so, so good to be happy.To hear him do that!”

Biden may have felt that he did not need to be involved in much of the work because all liberal media outlets were doing it for him. 

Discover, Meta/Facebook and Xfinity sponsored the Morning Joe panel, which lavishly praised Biden.  

You can find the transcription here.

Morning Joe
6:00 am EDT

JONATHAN LEMIRE : This is President Biden addressing former President Donald Trump about his inaction following the attack on Capitol Hill, January 6.

JOE BIDDEN: We rely on law enforcement every day to save lives. We relied upon law enforcement on January 6 to save democracy. This is what we saw. We witnessed what happened to the Capitol police and D.C. Metropolitan Police, as well as other law enforcement agencies. Lives were taken, attacked, sprayed and stomped upon, with many victims being killed.

For three hours The former president of the United States was defeatedIt was all happening. He was sitting in comfort next to Oval Office, as he dined in the dining room. He was busy doing this, while brave police officers suffered through the medieval hell for three hour. The scene was bloody and chaotic. A maniacal mob believed the lies told by the president, and they were face-to-face. That day, the police proved to be heroes. Donald Trump was unable to have the courage of his actions 

LEMIRE – President Biden rarely talks about January 6, nor about his predecessor. He has used the expression, “victoried former president”. 

However, Claire McCaskill used Donald Trump’s name in an extremely rare instance! This, I believe, demonstrates the passionate feeling he had about this moment. You were struck by some rather unusual comments made by the President.

CLAIRE MCCCASKILL (Call): I thought so. He should speak out the parts that are obvious to everyone. This is where he must really take the offensive. The president has been spending too much time on defense in the past six months. He must get back on the offensive. It was good to see him yesterday. . . So,I found it to be fantastic.

LEMIRE : The Reverend Al said that it was impossible to be both pro cop and pro insurrection.

AL SHARPTON : That was what I believed.This is a timely, appropriate and pertinent statement . . . It was appropriate and necessary, as it came from President Donald Trump. . . It was my opinion that tHe president hit the nail on the headHe had to name the person leading this charge.

ELISE JORDAN It was just the right time.He had to address it directly. This is particularly important right now after hearing the sobering testimony. 

. . . 

EUGENE ROBINSON (I think President Biden believed when he was in power, that he could make this country self-correct. Trump’s influence would fade and he’d still be in control of getting the country back on its feet, regardless of whether they’re heading in a conservative or liberal direction. 
It is back to normal, just like it was before Trump. 

It’s a realization that I believe he has now. This is an even deeper or more grave problem. This is a serious problem that he must tackle immediately. It must be addressed aggressively. So it goes. It was very, very joyful.To hear him do that.

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