Tensions In Silicon Valley Killed The Internet Association

Big Tech is responsible for the death of Internet Association.

The group was forced to close due to growing tensions among Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft.

The following is an extract from the Financial TimesAfter Microsoft and Uber pulled financial support, the group is now in serious trouble. 

“Our industry has undergone tremendous growth and change,” the Association said in a statement, noting that its closure was “in line with this evolution.”

Experts believe that policy disagreements were a major contributor to tensions as corporations like Microsoft tried to distance themselves Silicon Valley.

“Microsoft has realised that it doesn’t want to be associated with Google, Facebook and Amazon,” Barry Lynn, executive director of the Open Markets Institute, said. “It’s really, really simple.”

“This org could’ve saved itself years ago by kicking out everyone with a market cap greater than $500bn,” Luther Lowe, Yelp’s head of public policy, tweetedIn response to the news. Yelp resigned from the Internet Association in 2019 “I made this suggestion to the leadership a few years ago, but it was shot down, so we quit.”

Splitting was also due to competitive priorities. This included a new Microsoft company vision.

An internal memo written by Microsoft president Brad Smith and sent to staff in June outlined the company’s strategy.

“There will be many days when some in the tech sector will complain loudly about the risks of regulation,” an internal memo from Microsoft president Brad Smith read, which the company shared with the Times. “There are real risks, and they need a fair hearing. But as a company, we will continue to be more focused on adapting to regulation than fighting against it.”

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