Tennessee Woman Runs out of Gas, Abandons Her SUV — and Over 200 Pounds of Marijuana – Opinion

Sometimes your whole day can go to pot.

This was what happened to a Tennessee woman recently, as she became the victim of rising gas prices.

Catherine Mardesich was traveling southbound in her Suburban on Sunday when a panicked start.

The vehicle was fresh out of fuel — and on the I55 bridge, no less.

Catherine decided to take a stroll after her car had gone kaput over the Mississippi River.

Quick-forward to reports on an abandoned vehicle at the intersection of Memphis and Arkansas.

Because of the situation, both Memphis Police Officers and Arkansas State Police personnel arrived at the scene.

Arkansas law enforcement and Tennessee Department of Transportation moved an SUV to a local business. Reporting was begun.

Fox13 reports that Catherine, aged 54, was then able to return home.

After she was told that the Suburban, which had been involved in a crash on the bridge, was going to be inventoried and towed, Mardesich told officers that they could not go inside the car…

Memphis police approached the car despite Ms. A skunkish odor was evident as they approached the vehicle. Large boxes were found inside the Chevrolet.

Upon searching the boxes and a duffle bag, officials discovered a criminal crop: The truck was filled with the devil’s lettuce.

Police found 229 pounds worth of marijuana.

A large amount of cash is also available.

Being that Catherine abandoned her vehicle on the Memphis side of the bridge, she was booked into Shelby County’s Jail East.

Her story serves as a lesson: If you’re transporting a field’s worth of weed and you get gassed out, maybe call a friend for help and stay with your car. And whatever you do, don’t park it in a usable lane — another of the lady’s potentially pot-provoked lapses.

As for stealth, Catherine’s boxing of the Peruvian parsley wasn’t a Best Effort concealment. Also, small amounts cannot be concealed.

Catherine was accused of felony possession. It wasn’t perhaps her best day, but it could’ve been significantly worse:



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