Television News Anchor Fired After Being Caught in Child Predator Sting – Opinion

Following a fight with an organization that helps children avoid sexual predators, the central New York State News Anchor was forced to resign.

The news anchor, WETM’s Zach Wheeler, had exchanged text messages with what he thought was a 15-year-old boy. These messages came from the 607 Predator Hunters. They are a group of anonymous fathers who monitor chat rooms online, searching for minors.

As shown in a video that 607 Predator Hunters posted on April 29th, Wheeler and the undercover investigator agreed to meet at a sporting goods store close to where the “boy” lived. Wheeler traveled three hours to get there. He was confronted by 607 Predator Hunters once he got to the store.

Wheeler initially denied that the encounter was intended for sex. He then claimed it was to research stories. Wheeler then tried another tactic, accusing both men of homophobia. He offered money and time to publish the video.

WETM announced Wheeler’s termination Monday.

WETM became aware Friday evening of an online video about one our employees. According to the local group, the employee was involved in inappropriate behaviour. WETM Management investigated the allegations in the video and decided that the employee was no longer working for WETM.

It is unfortunate that in the current abortion furor, many headlines and facts are being drowned out. One example is the remarkable achievements of real parents in protecting their children while doing what law enforcement cannot and will not. No one advocate vigilantism but in these times, sometimes there’s no other choice. 607 Predator hunters deserve praise for their courage in a society that is often hostile to men.

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