Telemundo Anchors Lament Passage of New Parents’ Rights Laws

The anti-grooming laws being enacted throughout the nation, and which grant parents the right to educate their young children on the subjects of sex and gender identity-as opposed to teachers at school- allowed the anchors of Telemundo´s morning kaffeeklatsch Hoy Día a chance to publicly grieve the “awful situation” on-air during a report that fell short in details and went overboard with unconcealed bias.

Expressing dismay at the fact that Ohio and Texas are now “following in Florida´s footsteps, unfortunately, which enacted the law known as ´Don’t Say Gay´” (Parental Rights in Education), anchors Nacho Lozano and Aranxta Loizaga then gave weight to Equality Texas, an LGTBQ+ activist group, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg´s opinion while omitting opposing points of view – or even parents- on the subject.

NACHO LOZANO: There are more and more conservative states that are considering new legislation that would prohibit teachers from introducing the concepts of sexual orientation or gender identity to the youngest students and that would follow in Florida´s footsteps, unfortunately, which enacted the law known as “Don’t Say Gay”.  

ARANXTA LOIZAGA: Today, a law similar to Florida’s called the “Education Act” will be voted on in the Ohio Legislature. This law would ban students in grades 4-12 from studying these topics, as well as children between Kindergarten and 3rd grade.  

LOZANO : In Texas, there was a lot of controversy after the resignation of Lt.Gov. Dan Patrick, announced that (Texas´) next legislative session will engage the controversial Parent’s Rights Act.  

LOIZAGA: Texas´ bill goes beyond Florida’s because it bans discussion of sexual orientation in schools for students from grades K-4th. Equality Texas opposes the bill saying that it discriminates against students and teachers from the LGTBQ+ communities.  

It is truely here. We talked about it yesterday. Yesterday, a similar bill in another state was passed. Nacho and -the White House have spoken, President Biden. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg; he is a member of the LGTBQ+ community, he is married to Chasten, his husband, they´ve just adopted twins- well via a surrogate mother -, and he said, “this law is dangerous because it fosters hatred in our communities.” It’s a horrible situation.

Telemundo reported that Buttigieg said about the law, “This law can be dangerous as it encourages hatred within our communities.” Loizaga says that similar laws have been passed in 15 other states. However, they aren’t about adults or fostering hatred. They simply allow parents to choose when and how to discuss sexual orientation and gender identity with their children. 

In effect, the biased reporting on the various laws that protect parents’ rights in education has revealed how widespread the sexualization and abuse of children has been in schools. 

At Telemundo, however, what matters is following the official talking points of the corporate media, which is why Lozano and Loizaga skipped the views of lawmakers or parents in favor of the anti-grooming laws, shifting attention from the true nature of the bills to voice the concern of yes, we´ll say it out loud: activist groomers like Equality Texas who “reject the bill, arguing that it stigmatizes students and teachers belonging to the LGTBQ+ community.” Another example of corporate Latino media being out of touch is reporting such an incident.

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