Teen Vogue Hails Pro-Abortion Males As Heroes

Teen Vogue writers seem to be more open to the killing of children than anyone else. These abortion supporters want abortion to be portrayed as heroic, instead of encouraging healthy living and family growth. 

Fortesa Leifi is a Teen Vogue journalist who portrays four pro-abortion men in Teen Vogue as heroes. Latifi focuses on the lives of four young men who have been manipulated by abortion and presents them as the ideal model for masculinity. 

Leo was the first to be killed. He had his girlfriend get pregnant. Leo and the girlfriend of his child’s mother, Leo, refused to take responsibility for their actions and had a gun-toting wedding. It haunts him just as much as it did to his girlfriend. “Maybe, he muses, he would be a more mature and serious person now. Or maybe it would’ve all gone badly,” Latifi wrote about Leo. “There’s no way of knowing. While he talks about the incident, he stops and starts again. “It was her decision, at the end of the day.” Leo chooses not to be a man and justifies his murder with leftist slogans.

Eugene follows, having two brothers and a father. Eugene also fears the Obergefell rule. Their lack of political action is dissatisfying to him. “It frustrates me that they’re not involved,” he says. “I love them to death, but what they’ve done is place the color of their skin and the fact that they’re male over their homosexual identity.” Eugene is blinded by his political correctness and stokes the fire of the Roe meltdown.

Bryan is the next pundit, and he portrays abortion to be the salvation of his family. Bryan made his girlfriend have an abortion. He is glad that his mom did the same thing. “The many opportunities that [decision] afforded us later in life, things my siblings and I probably took for granted at the time, like organic food, extracurriculars, cultural enrichment, and having our in-state tuition paid for,” he states. It is great to see Bryan believe his sacrifice for Moloch was worthwhile. 

Chris is Chris’ final political hack. Chris advocates for all men to have abortions and that they waive any male responsibility. Chris compares being a part of the debate on abortion to being complicit with the Buffalo shooting violence. “It was like, ‘Oh, that’s sad, but that doesn’t affect me,’” Chris says. “I think with men [and abortion access], it’s kind of the same thing.” Chris now spends his time advocating for abortion online and donating to pro-abortion candidates. It’s funny that males are only allowed in the abortion debate when it is a pro-abortion stance. 
Teen Vogue does not want men who are strong enough to care for their families. Instead, Teen Vogue is encouraging weak men that they will let go of responsibility and promote the murders of children.

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