Taylor Lorenz Gets Embarrassed Again After Claims of Harassments are Shot Down by Witness – Opinion

Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz loves attention. But the attention that she finds most helpful is the one she can make herself an easy victim of. You can also add this story.

On Saturday, Lorenz announced that she’ was currently at a rally in front of Instagram’s HQ to resist Meta’s less than fair moderation practices. Lorenz posted a tweet confirming her position and giving the address and time.

Of course, it wasn’t long before Lorenz tweeted out that she was being harassed by men who saw the post and came to her confront her. Whether or not some actually did track her down and begin confronting her wasn’t actually proven. Lorenz didn’t provide any video or photo evidence.

The video of what actually occurred was posted by a man who is described as an individual with autism. According to his video, he has shown up to this very public protest to be supportive and meet some of these anti-Zuck protesters he’d been communicating with for some time. Lorenz was only 25 feet from him and he had no plans to interact with her.

Lorenz approached him at one point and asked his name. After that, she requested that he leave. According to the man, he went on his way and that was it.

So, the man didn’t even go there to meet Lorenz. According to him, he was going there to meet the protesters that put on the event, as he’d had interactions with them on their protest Discord server and he wanted to shake their hands in person. Lorenz approached him and confronted his, but Lorenz claims that the encounter took place in the reverse order.

Ariadna Jacob’s digging revealed that there is more to the tale between Lorenz and this man. Jacob pointed out that the man was a friend of Lorenz and would often repost her content. This attention was initially very much appreciated by Lorenz, according to the messages. However, it turned quickly sour after it became clear that Lorenz’s public posts had been displayed on an account she did not control. It wasn’t long before she was demanding that he stop reposting her stuff, accusing him of being “invasive” and noting that she can only assume he intends to do her harm.

This interaction occurred in November, last year according to time stamps.

While it would have been one thing for the man to go to Lorenz to spy on her, the fact that he had previously run a fan account makes this a strange coincidence. But, Lorenz and the man who was previously in contact with protesters via Discord may have been interested in meeting them. If he kept his distance from her and didn’t interact with her, that would make her speak with him.

Personally, I’m more inclined to believe the man over Lorenz. The Washington Post reporter, Lorenz has a track record of making it seem as if she is a victim to over-dramatizing situations. Lorenz’s Twitter history has been removed from the Wayback Machine. Apparently, Lorenz really doesn’t like having her internet history available to the public, which explains her sudden desperation to have the man above delete his fan accounts.

This is the same Lorenz who doxxed Libs of TikTok and stalked the account runner’s family members.

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Her penchant for hypocrisy and self-victimization make this entire drama likely just another day that ends in “y” for Lorenz who was never in any danger.

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