Tasteless Joy Re-Ups EVIL Claim GOPers ‘Love’ COVID, Want to Kill People With Virus

Right off the top of Wednesday’s ReidOutMSNBC hosts Joy ReidA truly toxic claim is being resurrected Starting September 15,That’s not all. The center-right is supported by the many millions of Americans “love” Covid idolizes it so much that they will eat it as a meal. “cereal”However, mass murder is possible.

And that was on top of what’s become a dangerous narrative that conservatives and Republicans shouldn’t be allowed to have agency because they’d otherwise use their “foaming at the mouth brand of conservativism” It was to take power. Reid received a lot of support and no pushback from Principled Conservative Tim Miller who agreed that conservatives were indeed homicidal sociopaths.



Reid started off with said shtick about the right, which has come across like a combination of driving viewers to hide under their sheets at night and wanting to wring someone’s throat (click “expand”):

We start ReidOutThe American Right is making a fresh effort to ensure that Covid stays. They first came to the schools. It’s now the businesses. It’s a remarkable 180-degree turn for the party which once advocated for small government and free enterprise. They also protect corporate America against excessive regulation. These days, the once Grand Ol’ Party stands for nothing other than the quest for absolute power, which they intend to achieve by embracing a foaming at the mouth brand of conservatism that includes worshipping the disgraced former president, dismantling democracy, and forcing businesses — forcing them to operate on their terms, which happen to include opening the doors to the pandemic with the worst of them associating the killer virus with freedom itself. A new national pastime has been created that empowers antis-vaxxers as well as anti-maskers. They can mob workers and shout at them, or spit upon them. They don’t have to harass teachers, health care providers or mothers who are walking their kids to school in order to hide Covid. 

We now have Texas’ abortion bounty hunt governor Greg Abbott banning all entities in the state of Texas, even private companies from mandating Covid vaccines for their employees or customers. His Covid-loving Florida governor Ron DeSantis, while he is denouncing federal vaccine mandates as too far reaching, continues his pledge to punish local governments who take measures to protect workers. 

Reid launched an attack below the belt when Reid was seemed to trumpetDeath of Bill Montgomery, co-founder of Turning Point USA isLast year from Covid, celebrating his death in the light of Charlie Kirk’s tweet regarding the pandemic.

Donald Trump Jr. “doesn’t care about Black people,”Reid unleashed her insane claim that Reid had the right to have a Covid Fetish:

It has been a long time since I was able to see the logic in Covid’s acceptance as a thing. Covid. Covid. I find this love for Covid to be absurd. However, they want to sell Covid cures.

Miller explained that the opposition to the Covid vaccine and vaccine mandates are rooted in “simple contrarianism, anti-elitism,” and “populism” run amok, but he was only getting started as he illustrated his inability for shame when he then argued that, “if that [belief in contrarianism] means letting unnecessarily their own citizens die,” elected officials with R’s next to their names will “let their own citizens die.”

Miller ironically referred to Abbott as a mass killer and decried that the right had engaged in such a crime. “unconscionable” behavior that’s obsessed with “positioning” “negative partisanship[.]”

Discuss not viewing people with whom he does not agree as humans.

Don Calloway was a colleague and progressive strategist. He also gripes about the GOP “has so — so — so aggressively adopted anti-intellectualism that they don’t see it as inconsistent to say — to pass Texas abortion ban…and not have a problem with the inconsistency between that and raging against people not wanting to get vaccinated[.]”

Though she’s said enough incendiary things for one night, Reid brought up Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in context of Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine to argue Cruz has a deep-seated aversion to Black people:

These people are Harvard, Yale, Princeton — these are — these are Ivy League rich people who are being like, “I stand with the common man. Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz would dial 911 if he saw Kyrie Irving walking through his neighbourhood. He would be like, “you’re in the wrong neighborhood.” 911. He’d call the police on him. Okay? 

Later, Reid reiterated her cockamamie claim, adding that Cruz would be unhappy if Irving remains on the sidelines and not working because, as per Reid’s reading of Cruz, the Texas senator sees unemployed Black people as burdensome and lazy.

And not to be outdone, Miller returned to his talking point about Abbott being a murderer as he predicted there would be a nursing home scandal taking root (click “expand”):

Take a look. Think about if you’re a nursing home — right — and if you’re a nursing home in Texas and you have a lot of, you know, obviously, elderly people there who may be vaccinated, but they — they have co-morbidities. They have other reasons why they’re — they, you know, could have breakthrough cases, you — I think everyone who has their mom or aunt or uncle or grandparent in a nursing home would want that place to have a vaccine mandate, right? Who wouldn’t? 

In Texas, Greg Abbott is banning nursing homes from being able to have a vaccine mandate, so you could have an unvaccinated nurse coming in and there’s nothing that you can do it legally in the state. It’s absolute madness. 

To be clear, there was no mention of former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and the Empire State’s deadly nursing home scandal. Team Biden Republicans must find a way for the story to be changed, even though Cuomo is on his side.

Reid’s latest acts of hatred insisting over 70 million Americans on the right love Covid was made possible thanks to the willful endorsement of advertisers such as BMW, Farmer’s Insurance, and Gold Bond. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

Click here to see the MSNBC transcript for October 13.

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