Target Bind’s Down To Rainbow-Wash America

Target has begun to stock up on rainbow merchandise in anticipation of the month-of-the gays. 

Target has embraced June by the LGBTQILMNOP crew as their month to celebrate gay pride. In preparation for gay month, Target just announced their partnership with two queer clothing brands in order to “rainbow-wash” the country. Ew.

According to Target, the new Target collaboration is with TomboyX & Humankind. It is expected to release towards May 31, according to Bustle. It will feature compression tops, “a comfortable alternative to chest binders,” “packing underwear,” bras and boyshorts as well as swim trunks, tops and what they called “unisuits.” In all honesty, none of these items are even cute. All of them look like rainbow unicorns eating on them.

At the moment, Target’s site has 361 items listed with a simple search of the word “pride.” The site even features sub categories to help customers “fill your world with pride.” Listed at number two in those categories is kids’ clothing. Apparently it’s a big priority for Target to provide gay clothes for kids. Most notably is a baby onesie with the words “MY FIRST PRIDE” in rainbow letters. This is a must-have for birthing people. Newborn infants should not be ashamed to admit that they may be gay. 

Target offers adult clothes, family clothing, accessories, books and pet clothes. Dogs can be transgender now too! Target’s got “progressive” bowls, “Love is Love” rainbow pet costumes, and even a “Double Decker Cat Scratch House” with the words “Everyone Welcome,” blasted on all sides. The site really looks like something out of a Black Mirror episode and I can’t believe these products are actually for sale.

The new collab is listed on Target’s site as “A collab for every body” and encourages customers to “Explore our limited-time collections with TomboyX & Humankind, two beloved queer, female-founded brands that stand for inclusivity in every way.” 

I didn’t think the cringe could get much worse but,  I stand corrected. 

It’s interesting that the group that encourages being “seen” and “comfortable,”  is now selling tops that compress and bind certain body parts. They are unquestionably uncomfortable and make the alphabet people look very unseen. Hopefully Target includes a warning label on these “binders” because apparently you can get tissue-related, respiratory, neurological, and musculoskeletal issues from wearing them. I won’t be visiting Target to find out though so I guess I’ll never know (I am very alright with that). 

This collab and these items are another way to appeal to delusional left. Hopefully they’ll be on the clearance aisle within a week of the release. 

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