Susan Collins Dashes Democrat Delusions of ‘Codifying’ Abortion Into Law – Opinion

With “abortion rights” taking center stage over the last week after a leak signaled the Supreme Court is ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, Democrats have been making all kinds of wild statements about what they are going to do next.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared to have a stroke on camera on Tuesday, as she gyrated about, proclaiming how she was going to “fight” the probable Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe. Meanwhile, Rep. Cori Bush proclaimed that not only should abortion rights be “codified” by Congress, but that the government should force pro-life individuals to pay for abortion services.

But on the topic of codifying the ability to kill babies in the womb into the nation’s laws, it appears Democrats have gotten out over their skis again. Sen. Susan Collins, who has criticized Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked majority decision overturning Roe, is apparently a no-go, citing a multitude of issues.

I’m constantly amazed at how politically stupid the modern Democrat party is, especially under the tutelage of President Joe Biden and Sen. Chuck Schumer. Collins could support a law if it were possible. After all, she’s a pro-abortion zealot, despite being a “Republican” from the blue state of Maine. Yet, instead of sitting down with her and coming up with a narrow bill that contains some moderation and nuance, Democrats went full “Leroy Jenkins” again, not even stopping to consider that they could lose the votes of some who otherwise might side with them.

This is exactly what happened with the so-called “Build Back Better” bill. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Silena were prepared to present a billion-dollar spending bill to their respective party leaders. It checked many liberal boxes. Democrats decided to go for the hard win and included anti-abortion legislation that upset Manchin, as well as tax increases that annoyed Sinema. They got nothing in the end. It seems that no lessons were learnt.

Collins correctly points out that language contained in the pro Roe bill doesn’t even protect religious institutions against having to perform abortions. That would be such an easy thing to fix, but Democrats won’t do it because they are so beholden to their far-left base.

To be sure, though, I’m not giving Collins much, if any, credit here. My view of Collins’ position on abortion is pathetic, as well her cowardice and inaction as a legislator. The only reason I don’t spend much time criticizing her is that she’s from a blue state. In that sense, she’s a necessary evil. Alaska’s Sen. Lisa Murkowski is, however, a completely different story. She should be fired from her office in this year.

Regardless, it’s worth paying attention to just how little political skill the current Democrat Party leaders have. Although they had the chance to win multiple Republican votes in favor of a law codifying abortion, which would have been a significant PR win, instead, they did what radicals wanted. I’ll go further and suggest Joe Manchin won’t vote for their bill either. The bill might get less than 50 votes. That would be hilarious considering that the filibuster was killed over it. This entire spectacle is the Democrat version of “failure theater.”

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