Steve Bannon Backs Down, Agrees to Appear Before J6 ‘Kangaroo Court’ – Opinion

According to multiple media outlets, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon said that he has now backed down from his refusal before the Jan.6 committee. He stated that he was willing to testify. After former President Donald Trump had written a letter to Bannon in which he stated that he wouldn’t invoke executive privilege, and would not stop Bannon speaking, the decision was taken.

Bannon changed his mind after months of denying that he would appear before the partisan panel. This was just one week before jury selection began in the contempt of Congress case for refusing to comply with a subpoena. For refusing to attend, Bannon could be sentenced to a lengthy jail term and heavy fines. “Mr. Bannon is willing to, and indeed prefers, to testify at your public hearing,” his lawyer, Robert Costello, wrote Saturday.

RedState was critical of this committee due to Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to accept the five Republicans elected by Kevin McCarthy as House Minority Leader, breaking long-standing convention. Instead she appointed rabid antitrumpers Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney to the position and Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger to the role. The committee, which is overwhelmingly partisan and unbalanced in nature, also lacks defense witnesses or cross-examination. For instance, the committee’s “bombshell” Cassidy Hutchinson testimony has been heavily questioned, since the panel has so far been unwilling or unable to supply corroborating witnesses. To put it bluntly, the whole thing’s a joke.

Trump’s former boss gave Bannon the green light to testify through a letter Saturday.

Trump sympathizes first with Bannon’s ordeal:

The Executive Privilege was invoked when you were first served with a Subpoena for your testimony and to provide documentation. But I was shocked at how unjustly you and other witnesses were treated. You had to pay a lot of legal fees and go through all the pain and suffering you have endured for your country and the Office of President.

Then he formalizes his agreement to give up executive privilege.

If you can agree on the time and location for your testimony, then I will waive Executive Privilege. This allows you to testify honestly and fairly as requested by the Unselect Committee, comprised of political Thugs and Hacks. They have not allowed any Due Process or Cross-Examination and allow no Republican witnesses or members to be interviewed. It’s a Kangaroo Court. It is a partisan Kangaroo Court.

Is the Committee trying to take anything from Bannon? He was only in the administration for seven month. According to NBC

Trump was in Washington for a meeting the day before insurrection. Trump supporters were there to discuss possible strategies to defeat the election. The panel also said it wanted to inquire about Bannon’s Dec. 30, phone conversation, in which he is accused of telling Trump to keep his eyes on Jan. 6.

“I expect that we will be hearing from him,” California Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a member of the committee, said. “And there are many questions that we have for him.”

Adam Schiff may be laughing so hard that he can’t contain his joy.

Yes, Bannon can be a loud, outspoken Trump fan and is bombastic. All of that is not a crime.

My prediction is that the committee will again come up empty-handed with another big fat nothingburger. This will most likely prove that Bannon sometimes dresses like an unmade beds, but little else.

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