Stephen Colbert’s Vile ‘Nazi’ Smear of Ron DeSantis Gets Completely Undercut by the Actual Video – Opinion

On Tuesday, we reported on Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis absolutely went off on attempts by his unhinged critics on the left and in the media to smear him and other Republicans as “Nazi sympathizers” just days after some local news outlets documented a couple of small recent gatherings in his state of people who claimed to be “Nazis” and reportedly yelled out anti-Semitic slurs and flew Nazi flags.

For those who missed DeSantis’ comments, in which he not only pushed back on the claims but also condemned as “jackasses” those who attended the so-called rallies, here’s what he said:

It was a strong, forceful, necessary response to the smears, but it wasn’t enough for the press and the Democrat party, who after two or three days of condemning DeSantis for not weighing in on the rallies as some other political players did, proceeded to accuse him of not being forceful enough when he did weigh in. The leftist media and DeSantis took more issue with them than the Nazi rally participants.

For instance, there was this Newsweek hit piece that noted that while DeSantis called the group “jackasses” and said they needed to be held accountable by local authorities that he “did not comment on their ideology.” Same same for the crew at Florida Politics, which alleged that with every word DeSantis uttered that he was “getting farther away from the weekend’s central events.”

Predictably, “comedian” Stephen Colbert ran with the Florida media smears on his program Tuesday night, outright lying by saying DeSantis failed to condemn the Nazi rallies at all, suggesting it would have been so easy to do for anyone who had courage. But DeSantis was not that man, said Colbert, who during the below dishonest segment which was shared by one of his wacko opponents Nikki Fried conveniently left out the clip of DeSantis calling the rallygoers “jackasses”:

Ironically, it would have taken Colbert courage to air the full clip in front of a crowd full of like-minded people, but of course, he didn’t because we know who the true coward is here, and it’s not DeSantis. Because laughs and applause are more important to “entertainers” like Colbert than the actual facts.

The videos above clearly indicate that Colbert and every other smear merchant are lying, but we’ve come to expect that from frustrated left-wingers who have been hit with the sobering reality that Florida appears to be a lost cause for Democrats for the foreseeable future thanks in large part to Republicans like DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, both of whose political styles and no-nonsense approach to governing (not to mention their anti-socialist mindsets) were big hits with a majority of Florida voters.

That’s why they launch baseless attacks like these, one after the other in the desperate hope that something finally sticks.

Another problem with their bogus assessment is that it ignores the fact that the forcefulness of what DeSantis said about the people attacking him on this issue underscores how vile DeSantis (and most people) find Nazism and anyone trying to associate decent people with it simply because they haven’t responded in a way that liberals who have excused actual anti-Semitism in their party find acceptable.

I mean it’s not like somebody accused DeSantis of liking one Florida sports team over another. His haters specifically leveled a despicable charge at him that he must be sympathetic to “the Nazi cause” or whatever because he didn’t respond in the timeframe they believe he should have, and because he lashed out at them when he was asked about it.

You literally can’t win with these people, which is exactly what DeSantis said he wasn’t going to play the game. Bravo to him.

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