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How did a lot of the left deal with Joe Biden’s multiple gaffes in Europe, which could still endanger our national security, and that the White House has had to scramble to clean up?

Most of them ignored his words or attempted to twist what he said. Perhaps one of the worst takes was to spin Biden’s response to Fox’s Peter Doocy’s question about his gaffes as some kind of moment of brilliance by Biden. Doocy asked Biden about the White House having to clarify multiple things that he said; among them, Biden said that he would respond “in-kind” to a Russian chemical attack. One would think that an important question — to clarify that no, contrary to what Biden seemed to imply, the U.S. would not be responding with a chemical weapon. Biden, why don’t you clarify such matters? Biden deflected from how he would respond, when Doocy asked him, saying it would be “significant” and “I’m not going to tell you.”

Late-night host Stephen Colbert mocked Doocy, saying that Biden was asked a “ridiculous question” by “a ridiculous man.” Colbert continued, describing him as “that one kid in high school who wears a suit to gym class.”

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“Remember how on last night’s show I said that slapping is never, ever the answer? I would like to file a one-time exemption on behalf of the president of the United States,” he said, referencing Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

He further mocked the reporter, saying, “Uh, Peter, uh, Doocy, Fox News. I’ve got two more questions.

“First, what are the exact locations of all of America’s troops? And can you give me the nuclear launch codes?”

“Just tell me, is one of them a four? Do you have a chance to buy me a vowel? I’d like to solve the puzzle, uh, ‘Another Feather in Your Map?’” he continued.

The left has a delusion when it comes to the interaction between White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Doocy that doesn’t even come close to reality. They believe that Psaki is somehow always dunking all over Doocy, as opposed to the fact that he’s the reporter who is raising good questions about problems with Biden. Colbert, one of the media’s allies, helps to create a false view.

They simply lie about the facts while ignoring or covering for Biden’s gaffes — notice how Colbert didn’t address those Biden gaffes. He’s more concerned with attacking Doocy than Biden saying that he would respond “in-kind” to a chemical attack. Priorities.

Colbert also encourages violence towards Peter Doocy by saying that Biden should be allowed to give him a slap the same way Will Smith gave Chris Rock at Oscars. Is that correct? Where is his condemnation that he promotes such things? He’s saying it’s cool to hit someone for daring to question the power he supports. Not only isn’t this funny, but this is also going after people willing to do their job and question power.

Some liberal comedians are funny but unfortunately, Colbert hasn’t been funny in a long time — he’s simply a political partisan. There’s nothing humorous about that. Colbert has become a cog of the “state media,” who doesn’t even think the media has a right to ask an unscripted question of “He Who Shall Not Be Questioned,” Joe Biden.

Doocy is asking questions that every journalist should be asking — if the liberal media would do their job. The American people are not asking the right questions.

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