States Divided: Louisiana Affirms Life While Mass-Holes End It

America demonstrated in a matter of hours how divided it is about the value and meaning of life. This is a sickening fact. 

The Louisiana Government appealed Friday, July 29 to block an abortion ban. This was in the interest of saving babies from mass execution. The Massachusetts Governor. Charlie Baker (R) signed a bill to provide abortion access up to birth. 

Following Roe’s demise back in June, states have been passing, signing, advocating and promoting both pro-life and pro-death laws. It’s been a time of hope, but also a time of great despair for the states that lean on the side of aborting innocent babies. 

A Louisiana appeals court ruled in favor abortion bans. The “ban can take effect and save babies from abortions while a pro-abortion lawsuit against it continues in court,” LifeNewsreported Friday.

Attorney General Jeff Landry asked for a ban on abortions at Louisiana’s final three abortion clinics. The bill still has to pass higher courts in the state, but the appeal prohibits a previous judge’s decision to block enforcement of said abortion bans.

It’s the best side of life, yay! 

Bad news broke Friday as well. Baker signed legislation to legalize abortions for “basically any reason up to birth” in Massachusetts, as noted by our friends over at LifeNews.

Baker is unique. Baker is pro-abortion, yet he also says he is a Republican. Baker seems to think that abortion should be considered “reproductive health care,” even though abortion ends the life of at least one person. How is that “care?”

Baker was boastful in his statement released Friday.

Today’s legislation builds upon that act by protecting providers and patients from law-enforcement interference in states with more restrictive laws. Our legislative colleagues were able to compromise on the issue and show dedication in making this bipartisan, important law a reality.

LifeNews provided a list from the Massachusetts Citizens for Life about the negative impacts of Baker’s order. Some of the most egregious effects were to “allow abortionists to do abortions in states that outlaw them,” enable chemical abortions to be provided “without a doctor’s order,” and allow abortionists to break the law and prevent “MA law enforcement from cooperating with out-of-state legal authorities.”

So the attitude is essentially to just let sh*t hit the fan and kill all the babies. 

It’s a shame that we are still seeing states and leaders pass and affirm laws that end innocent life, but the win in Louisiana provides hope! 

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