State Dept. Predicts Russian Invasion of Ukraine as Biden Vows Block of Nord Stream 2 – Opinion

Looking back over the past 372 days — but who’s counting? — it’s Everywhere like Joe Biden was determinedHe was able to make as many of the critical issues that America faces in his first year as possible. From killing the Keystone XL Pipeline project on Day One of his occupation of the Oval Office to the ongoing Biden Border Crisis, the Biden Afghanistan debacle, Bidenflation, and more, Joe has been on quite an “impressive” run.

In other words, situation “normal” for Joe Biden.

Speaking of Joe’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan —An unknown number of American civilians have been deliberately left behind by some of the most vicious terrorist organizations on the planet. — one might have been tempted to assume That Biden, Blinken,and Co. surely couldn’t match or surpass thatIt seems increasingly unlikely that this would be a mistaken assumption. After all, we are talking about Joe Biden here.

Team Biden, which is being mocked in Moscow and Beijing everyday, finds itself in a middle ground between an inept joker on social media and a weak-as–hell paper leopard as Russia-Ukraine’s crisis worsens on an almost an hourly basis. Wait — let’s go with “all of the above.”

As we previously reported, with Biden all but inviting a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine. From White House press secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki being forced into yet another “Clean up on aisle 46!” moment in a frantic attempt to backhoe and fill in response to Joe’s stunning “invitation,” to CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert blasting the irresponsible comment — which Biden himself tried to “clear up” the Next day — the Ukraine crisis is quickly becoming another Biden foreign policy disaster.

So, what’s Biden’s next move?

According to the New York Post’s report, Ned Price, a spokesperson for State Department insists Wednesday that Russia should be allowed into their country. Does invade Ukraine — which the Department now predicts “shows every indication” of happening by “mid-February” —  the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline “will not move forward.” And, just to show how serious Joe is, he has “kicked out” 27 Russian diplomats from Washington, D.C.

Awesome. It’s amazing.

For those of you playing along at home, Biden on Day One of his occupation of the Oval Office torpedoed the Keystone XL pipeline project, instantly killing more than 10,000 jobs — current and planned. It’s obvious that gas prices have soared through the roof as a consequence. The abandonment of Nord Stream, valued at $11 billion, could send a message. Natural gasAccording to the Washington Times, prices can reach the stratosphere.

Brett Bruen is a former Obama Administration foreign affairs specialist. He says that the situation in Ukraine today looks similar to what happened when Russia annexed Crimea. “I’m seeing a lot of the same mistakes that we made back in 2014 replaying themselves again and again here,” the former diplomat told “On Balance” host Leland Vittert.

I’m seeing a lot of the same mistakes that we made back in 2014 replaying themselves again and again here. We talk about strong economic sanctions, and yet there’s no evidence that economic sanctions have changed the Kremlin’s calculus.

So we’ve got to start looking at other options. Too many on Biden’s team have not realized that the world has changed remarkably in the last several years.

[Putin’s] going to take the off-ramp, and then he’s going to accelerate down the highway. So we’ve got to come up with some real punishments that are going to make a difference.

Bruen is spot-on. Just like critics of Obama’s world apology tour were spot-on. Democrat presidents and congressional leaders have never understood that the world’s bad actors respect strength, not acquiesce. Resolve and determination — not a**-kissing and “obligatory” diplomatic niceties. Bottom line: Authoritative governments have no respect for American freedoms or liberty.

And if Joe Biden isn’t the most foolish and weakest president in modern history, I have no idea who was.

When even Jimmy CarteR lived to discover that he was the only one. second-worst president in modern history, Corn Pop’s pal is truly in a league of his own.

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