State Department Spox Accusing AP Reporter of Using Russian Talking Points Showcases the Biden White House Answer for All Bad Press Coverage – Opinion

An old British joke tells of a cavalry officer that was so dumb even horses started to notice. This may already be happening with the White House Press Corps.

We were priviledged to be present at an unusual event in Washington on Thursday, the State Department briefing. A reporter actually called bullish** on the narrative the Biden White House is trying to push and left the gooberish State Department spokesman Ned Price looking like more of a goober than we all thought he was.

Back on January 14, the Biden White House was pushing the narrative that a Russian invasion of Ukraine was “imminent.” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby alleged that Russia was plotting a “false flag” operation as cover for an invasion of Ukraine without any basis in fact. This is from CNN, but most of the media dutifully transcribed Kirby’s allegation and published it as though it were fact.

Of course, the problem with the story is that John Kirby’s assertion that something will happen is literally not proof that something has happened or is about to happen. At no point was any documentary evidence proffered that would indicate that Kirby’s charge was anything more than the Biden White House escalating a manageable conflict in Ukraine into something entirely different (for my view on the White House agenda in Ukraine, read Why Today’s Austin-Milley Press Conference Convinces Me That Joe Biden Wants Conflict With Russia in Ukraine),

(Lee’s questioning and Price’s sniveling runs until 6:42, it is worth watching.)

MRS PRICE Good afternoon. We have previously noted our strong concerns regarding Russian disinformation and the likelihood that Moscow might create – seek to create a false flag operation to initiate military activity. The United States now has intelligence that Russia plans to create fabricated attacks against the Ukrainian military or intelligence force as a pretext for an invasion of Ukraine.

One possible option the Russians are considering, and which we made public today, involves the production of a propaganda video – a video with graphic scenes of false explosions – depicting corpses, crisis actors pretending to be mourners, and images of destroyed locations or military equipment – entirely fabricated by Russian intelligence.

The Russian Government has created this propaganda video to make it clear that they are using as pretexts for initiating and possibly justifying military aggression against Ukraine. We don’t know if Russia will necessarily use this or another option in the coming days. We are publicizing it now, however, in order to lay bare the extent of Russia’s destabilizing actions towards Ukraine and to dissuade Russia from continuing this dangerous campaign and ultimately launching a military attack.

Russia has signaled it’s willing to continue diplomatic talks as a means to de-escalate, but actions such as these suggest otherwise. Our allies and our partners will work tirelessly to expose Russian disinformation, and other hybrid tactics against Ukraine. We will continue our efforts to stop any attempt by Moscow to justify military action against Ukraine. We urge Russia again to end its destabilizing and destructive disinformation campaign and to reduce tensions.

Many thanks.

QUESTION: Thanks. Okay, well, that’s quite a mouthful there. So you said “actions such as these suggest otherwise” – suggest meaning that they suggest they’re not interested in talks and they’re going to go ahead with some kind of a – what action are you talking about?

MRS PRICE One, the actions I have just pointed to, the fact –

QUESTION: What action? What —

MRS PRICE The fact that Russia continues to engage in disinformation campaigns.

QUESTION: Well no, you’ve made an allegation that they might do that. Do they really think that they did it?

MRS PRICE What we know, Matt, is what we – what I have just said, that they have engaged in this activity, in this planning activity —

QUESTION: Well, engage in what – hold on a second. Is it a sport?

MRS PRICE But let me – let me – because obviously this is not – this is not the first time we’ve made these reports public. You’ll remember that just a few weeks ago –

QUESTION: I’m sorry, made what report public?

MRS PRICE If you let me finish, I will tell you what report we made public.


MRS PRICE We told you a few weeks ago that we have information indicating Russia also has already pre-positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine. To answer your question Matt, that is an act Russia has taken.

QUESTION: No, it’s an action that you say that they have taken, but you have shown no evidence to confirm that. And I’m going to get to the next question here, which is: What is the evidence that they – I mean, this is – like, crisis actors? Really? This is like Alex Jones territory you’re getting into now. How much evidence can you provide to prove that there’s a propaganda movie in production?

MRS PRICE Matt, this is derived from information known to the U.S. Government, intelligence information that we have declassified. I think you know —

QUESTION: Okay, well, where is it? Is this the right place?

MRS PRICE It is intelligence information that we have declassified.

QUESTION: Well, where is it? Is it in the classified information?

MRS PRICE I just delivered it.

QUESTION: No, you made a series of allegations and statements —

MRS PRICE Would you like us to print out the topper? You will find a transcription of the briefing which you can download.

QUESTION: But that’s not evidence, Ned. That’s you saying it. That’s not evidence. I’m sorry.

MRS PRICE What would you like, Matt?

QUESTION: I would like to see some proof that you – that you can show that —

MRS PRICE Matt, you have been —

QUESTION: — that shows that the Russians are doing this.


QUESTION: Ned, I’ve been doing this for a long time, as you know.

MRS PRICE I know. I was trying to make a point. It’s been a long time since you did this.


MRS PRICE You know that when we declassify intelligence, we do so in a means —

QUESTION: That’s right. And I remember WMDs in Iraq, and I —

MRS PRICE — we do so with an eye to protecting sources and methods.

QUESTION: And I remember that Kabul was not going to fall. There are many things I can recall. You are the only one who can declassify information.

MRS PRICE Matt, I’m sorry you don’t like the format, but we have —

QUESTION: It’s not the format. It’s the content.

MRS PRICE I’m sorry you don’t like the content. I’m sorry you —

QUESTION: It’s not that I don’t like it or —

MRS PRICE I’m sorry you are doubting the information that is in the possession of the U.S. Government.


MRS PRICE What I’m telling you is that this is information that’s available to us. We are making it available to you in order – for a couple reasons. The first is to try to stop the Russians going forward with this activity. Two, in the event we’re not able to do that, in the event the Russians do go ahead with this, to make it clear as day, to lay bare the fact that this has always been an attempt on the part of the Russian Federation to fabricate a pretext.

QUESTION: Yes, but you don’t have any evidence to back it up other than what you’re saying. It’s like you’re saying, “We think – we have information the Russians may do this,” but you won’t tell us what the information is. And then when you’re asked —

MRS PRICE Well, that is the idea behind deterrence, Matt. This is deterrence’s idea.

QUESTION: When you’re asked – and when you’re asked —

MRS PRICE It is our hope that the Russians don’t go forward with this.

QUESTION: And when you’re asked what the information is, you say, “I just gave it to you.” But that’s not what —

MRS PRICE You seem not to understand —

QUESTION: That’s not the way it works.

MRS PRICE You seem not to understand the idea of deterrence.

QUESTION: No, no, no, Ned. You don’t – you seem not to understand the idea of —

PRICE MR: We are trying to deter the Russians from moving forward with this type of activity. We are publishing it today because we want to discourage the Russians from doing this type of activity. If the Russians don’t go forward with this, that is not ipso facto an indication that they never had plans to do so.

QUESTION: But then it’s unprovable. It’s impossible to prove that they are planning it.

MRS PRICE Matt, you —

QUESTION: I mean, I’m not saying that they’re not. But you just come out and say this and expect us just to believe it without you showing a shred of evidence that it’s actually true – other than when I ask or when anyone else asks what’s the information, you said, well, I just gave it to you, which was just you making a statement.

MRS PRICE Matt, you said yourself you’ve been in this business for quite a long time. You know that when we make information – intelligence information public we do so in a way that protects sensitive sources and methods. You also know that we do so – we declassify information – only when we’re confident in that information.

QUESTION: But Ned, you haven’t given any information.

MRS PRICE If you doubt – if you doubt the credibility of the U.S. Government, of the British Government, of other governments, and want to find solace in information that the Russians are putting out —


MRS PRICE — that is for you to do.

QUESTION: I don’t want – I’m not asking what the Russian Government is putting out. And what do you – what is that supposed to mean?

It’s an incredible performance. The allegations against Price are made and Price must prove it. He either can’t or won’t. He then claims the US Government’s word is good enough for anyone…it isn’t as the “righteous [drone] strike” that smoked a family of 10 in Afghanistan should remind us. When Lee doesn’t back down, Price is reduced to claiming he prefers Russian propaganda to the Truth of the US Government.

The performance was shameful enough that even CNN detached itself from Joe Biden’s posterior and complained.

Politico cites more instances of such behavior.

Because the media corps is political allies, the only way that the Biden White House can survive is by being politically loyal. They’re subservient and compliant. They don’t have the intellectual curiosity to challenge either the Biden Harris regime or its support narrative. Once they start accusing media associates of relaying Russian talking points to them, it is obvious that the atmosphere has turned to a flop sweat.

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