Starbucks and Carhartt Respond Differently to SCOTUS’ Unraveling of the Vaccines Mandates – Opinion

As RedState reported last week, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a stay to Biden’s OSHA mandate affecting corporations and businesses with over 100 employees, but upheld Dementia Joe’s CMS Mandate affecting healthcare workers.

Following the SCOTUS decision the clock is ticking on whether corporations will be able to abandon company-wide vaccine mandates or continue with their destructive policy.

It didn’t take Starbucks long to say, Hasta la vista, bay-be! Fox LA reports that they are fulfilling their corporate mandate.

Starbucks is no longer requiring its U.S. workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, reversing a policy it announced earlier this month.

In a memo sent Tuesday to employees, the Seattle coffee giant said it was responding to last week’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. In a 6-3 vote, the court rejected the Biden administration’s plan to require vaccines or regular COVID testing at companies with more than 100 workers.

“We respect the court’s ruling and will comply,” Starbucks Chief Operating Officer John Culver wrote in the memo.

Starbucks’ reversal is among the most high-profile corporate actions in response to the Supreme Court ruling. Target is not the only big company that has been quiet about its plans.

Target is among the high-profile retailers that are looking to improve its sales and staffing. Target may also be consulting their lawyers. The wind is blowing and they are keeping their fingers on the pulse.

On Jan. 3, Starbucks said it would require all employees to be vaccinated by Feb. 9 or face a weekly COVID test requirement. At the time, Culver said it was the responsibility of Starbucks’ leadership “to do whatever we can to help keep you safe and create the safest work environment possible.”

In Tuesday’s memo, Culver said the company continues to strongly encourage vaccinations and booster shots.

Starbucks demanded that employees reveal their current vaccination status no later than January 10. The company said Wednesday that 90% have reported and the “vast majority” are fully vaccinated. Starbucks wouldn’t say what percent of workers are not fully vaccinated.

Starbucks saw the handwriting on the wall, despite the fact that it claims 90 percent of its 202,000 employees are fully vaccinated—and that definition keeps shifting with every new variant. Omicron is still making its way through America, and Starbucks, which has been more successful than Starbucks, is experiencing staff shortages.

Starbucks looked at the bottom line and decided that employees working for Starbucks was better than virtue signaling, Covidian adherence and virtue signaling.

Carhartt, a clothing company, is not so.

In a January 14, 2022 email written to “Carhartt Associates,” that someone leaked to conservative influencer Ashley St. Clair and others, Carhartt CEO Mark Valade reaffirmed that its corporate vaccine mandate would stay in place.

“Many of you have asked how the recent Supreme Court decision on the OSHA mandate for large employers will impact our associates so we want to provide some clarity. The ruling does not change Carhartt’s mandatory vaccination program, which went into effect on January 4th. We have extended the deadline to vaccinate Madisonville and RCV associates up to February 15, as you all know. This date also remains in effect.”

Interesting that they offered yet another extension to a certain sector of employees—almost as if they are still waiting for shoes to drop.

They will, and I swear they will.

“We put workplace safety at the very top of our priority list and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling doesn’t impact that core value. The medical community and we continue to believe in vaccines to create a safe work environment. Although we understand there might be differences of opinion, workplace safety remains an issue where the union that represents us cannot compromise. An unvaccinated workforce is both a people and business risk that our company is unwilling to take.”

They are less efficient: Government contracts are a major part of their books and they don’t want to lose them. A different bottom line to Starbucks than Starbucks but still a bottom line.

Siemens is a shining example of the overreach and damage caused by these mandates. Employees were resisting the mandate, as I reported. And lawsuits were being filed.

Apparently Siemens had also considered their bottom line before deciding that SCOTUS and not Joe Biden was the ultimate arbiter. The Siemens engineer “Frankie” updated me with the email sent to all Siemens USA employees:

Jennifer, Top of the Morning!

Siemens US DI FA blinks first. There is no vaccine mandate or testing requirement.

They might make some changes, but they would have saved all the turmoil, angst and ill-will, as I explained to my manager.

For now… We’re good.

Poor Healthineers people. Many of these people have chosen Siemens to be their legal partner. I wish they would stand up for them.

The Siemens email from Mike Bokina, Vice President and Head of People & Organization, read, in part:

“Given the latest ruling, the current Siemens’ vaccine policy continues to be on hold and will not be enforced. TrueNorth requires employees to keep their vaccination status current. We encourage them to continue getting vaccinated. An employee who does not update TrueNorth by January 21st will be considered non-vaccinated. TrueNorth collects data to ensure business continuity. No adverse employee actions will be taken based on vaccination status unless necessary to ensure for business continuity and/or to comply with customer requirements, in accordance with applicable law.”

Any Siemens employees who were considering being vaccinated/boostened have probably changed their minds. TrueNorth’s application should be similar to WordPerfect.

Frankie explained in an email how Siemens Healthineers (a distinct corporate entity of Siemens USA) has decided to maintain their corporate vaccine mandate. However, several employees who were not compliant have been fired. This story may change if the current and former employees begin to sue and draw blood.

My prediction? By Spring, corporate businesses are likely to have lost market share, lost employees and had less revenue than they expected. That is when they will be start saying, “Vaccination mandates? What are those?” and drop them like a hot rock.

Keep checking back.

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