Some Crying in Baseball? First Woman Starts In Atlantic League

Last night was a historic night for the MLB’s partner league, the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB), but for the wrong reasons.

Kelsie Whitmore, who was batting ninth in a Staten Island Ferryhawks game against the Gastonia Honey Hunters game, became the first ALPB woman to play. She went 0-2 and was hit by a pitch. Whitmore has five prior years of experience pitching for the U.S. women’s baseball team.

Whitmore, while happy to have been able play in this game, has bigger goals.

“Playing baseball at the highest level is my goal,” Whitmore said after the game. “You know, if you ask any other guy that’s going to be in the league what his goal is, it’s the same thing, to get to the next level and play at the highest level I could possibly play at.”

We are sorry to have to disappoint the crowd, but we hope to see only men in the MLB for as many years as it exists. 

Leagues for men should be created where top performers can compete with them. Whitmore, if she is concerned about being at the best level in the sport, should seek out the highest possible level for women.

The only thing that will cause confusion is to try and blurring the lines between men and women in every sport. It is important to consider why a female athlete would want to participate in a male-only sports league. Is it for the sake of “progress,” which is today’s codeword for breaking down basic perceptions of reality and how to keep a society functioning, or rather because we think that women earn an extra level of value by competing with men? This is a very dangerous motive for society, and Whitmore’s actions are only making the situation worse.

Although the analysis and only logic take on these cases might sound repetitive or overused, it is still worth repeating as people continue to need it.

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