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Socialist Journalist Exposed for Living Off Rich Mom — Forced to Admit ‘Tremendous Privilege’

A New York Post reporter was suspended by Twitter this weekend after he shared an article he wrote about left-wing YouTuber Carlos Maza’s wealthy mother.

In the offending report, headlined “YouTube socialist Carlos Maza slams the wealthy but  lived in luxury,” Levine detailed how Maza benefits from his uber-rich family even as he creates internet content vilifying other millionaires.

Maza, 32, uses his YouTube and Twitter accounts — which combined have just over 170,000 followers — to disseminate progressive media and political analysis. He regularly rails against the economic elite and advocates the redistribution of their wealth.

Levine cited two of Maza’s recent rich-bashing tweets in his report as examples.

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In February, Maza tried to shame James Carville for being “ultra-wealthy” after the veteran Democratic strategist called Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, a far-left “ideologue” who cannot be elected.

Maza, a former video editor, tweeted photos of Carville’s “obscene four story mansion” in Virginia and accused him of being a “con artist” because he appears “in normal clothes on TV.”

“[D]ear god can we STOP taking political advice from the ultra-wealthy,” he said. “You really have to respect this guys grift. Constantly dressing in normal clothes on TV to feign relatability while living like this. Masterful con artist.”

In an October tweet also quoted by Levine, Maza, for whom being gay is part of his public persona, said, “We should treat gay people the SAME WAY we treat straight people: Eating them when they get too rich.”

Back in June, Maza trumpeted his gay socialist activism to celebrate his recent partial success in “deplatforming” conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder, who had relentlessly mocked him.

A socialist who relies on his rich family

In contrast with Maza’s revolutionary rhetoric, Levine reported that he lives a life of luxury thanks in part to the extreme wealth of his parents.

Maza’s mother, Vivian Maza, is one of the longest-serving employees and the chief people officer at Ultimate Software, which sold last year for for $11 billion. She lives with an is engaged to the former CEO of the company, Steve Scherr, who made millions if not billions of dollars in the role.

According to Levine, Scherr is Maza’s “de facto” step father. He reported that Maza is connected to the family’s “multiple Florida mega-mansions,” a $7.1 million apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and a luxury yacht.

Maza — along with his mother, Scherr, and his sister, Isabel Maza — is registered to  vote at a five-bedroom, eight-bathroom “waterfront palace” in Boca Raton, Florida, Levine found. The property sold in 2018 for $10.8 million, according to realty website Zillow.

His mother and her fiancé have also helped Carlos Maza pay the rent on his pricey apartment in Manhattan’s East Village, friends told Levine.

“I think a lot of these people are unhappy. I’m sure this guy is just craving some attention,” Carville said. “I don’t have a billion dollars, but whatever I have, my daddy didn’t give me. I think I inherited, like, $11,000.”

And he don’t need money

Although Carlos Maza did not respond to requests to comment for the report, he tweeted a statement ahead of its publication. He did not dispute any of Levine’s reporting and acknowledged that he relies on a financial “safety net” provided by his mother.

Noting that his father is a high school teacher married to a social worker, Maza said: “I have lived a life of tremendous privilege, and I am trying to use that privilege to push for a fairer, more just world.”

After the publication of Levine’s report, Maza repeatedly posted tweets feeling sorry for himself.

On Sunday, Levine reported that Twitter had canceled the suspension of his account, calling the decision “an error.” But hours later, the company again blocked him from tweeting until he deleted a tweet about his Maza report.

Levine shared screen shots of his email exchange with Twitter, in which a company representative said he had violated the private information policy.

As the Post Millennial noted, Maza faced no such punishment after he publicized information about Carville’s home.

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