‘So…87,000 Armed IRS Agents Walk Into a Bar…’ – Opinion

Feds are looking for employees! In fact, soon the IRS will hire 10 times as many FBI special agents than currently on its payroll. The IRS will actually be larger than the Pentagon and State Department combined. The IRS will be hiring gun totin’ accountants “ready to use deadly force.” Don’t fear, America–they aren’t coming after you…

Here’s some simple math. Average base salary for an IRS agent: $55,000 With benefits, let’s kick it up to $70,000. That means the IRS will be paying these new 87,000, gun-packin’ nerds a combined $6,090,000,000. The IRS must collect an additional $6 billion to even come within reach of breaking even. The IRS doesn’t plan to “break even.”

Check my numbers — I might get audited.

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