Woman Fights the Patriarchy by Letting Entire Music Festival Take Bong Hits Out of Her Butthole

Snatch Adams, an extreme burlesque performer and hater of the patriarchy, has become a viral sensation after revealing that she recently invited all the attendees of a music festival to take turns smoking marijuana out of her anus.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Adams said she made the offer at the unnamed festival in an attempt to one-up her “art project”at the same event last year. The previous stunt involved laying in a coffin for two and a half hours while mealworms crawled over her skin.

Shortly after arriving at this year’s festival, Adams said that a friend asked how she felt about “people smoking weed out of your butthole.”

“I feel great about that. Tell us more,” Adams said she replied in the post, which has nearly 4,000 likes.

According to Adams, the friend then produced two “prototype hand-blown glass butt bongs, with a reservoir of water that goes inside the body.” The instruments had never been tested before, Adams said.

Later that night, Adams recounted, she ascended a platform next to the festival’s main stage where she was positioned, “Ass up, head down, legs spread” and tied up with Shibari ropes.

“The crowd would have been happy with that as a performance, but once I was up, Alexis came up and put the plug in,” Adams said. “The crowd didn’t know what was happening…until he filled it with weed and took a hit. A cheer erupted as we invited everyone at the festival to smoke weed out of my butt.”


After electronic music outlet YourEDM.com wrote a story about Adams’ post, she was inundated with friend requests, interview requests from media outlets and comments from critics and supporters. She responded to the controversy in a Facebook post slamming the “conservative and angry people” who were shaming her.

“My butt bong thing was shared in a community of ravers and the number one comment is wondering what my parents think about it,” Adams said. “I’m having a ton of fun talking to all the surprisingly conservative and angry people on that post and I wrote this headline to sum up my experience: ‘Rave Community Removes Collective Pacifier From Mouth Long Enough to Scold Grown Woman who Makes Decisions Without Regard for Her Parents’ Wishes.”

Snatch Adams, feminist warrior?

In a 2016 interview with millennial outlet Elite Daily, Adams shared her philosophy on redefining femininity.

“I think women should embrace whatever part of themselves makes them feel strong and sexy and capable and not willing to take other people’s shit,” she said.

Her comments reflect a stance common to sex-positive feminists. Typified by celebrities such as twerk superstars Iggy Azalea and Cardi B, such women celebrate their raunchiness as a form of liberation and empowerment.

However, conservative critics have bemoaned the weakening of traditional gender norms, including female modesty. And some feminists have agreed, warning that their lascivious counterparts are playing into the hands of the patriarchy.

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